Monday, December 10, 2007

My weekend recap.

I'm a little behind on getting this posted, just been a little to busy to blog. Here it is 11pm on Monday night and I'm just now getting around to a weekend recap. I did have a fun, yet busy weekend.
Started Friday morning I had to go grocery shopping and meet up with my MIL to help her get some pictures for her nephews. I got home around 12:30pm from that fixed lunch for Little Man, DH and myself, then got Little Man down for a nap and It was time to bake the cookies 12 dozen peanut butter cookies. Got those done and had enough time to clean up the mess and run the sweeper before the kids got home from school.. not just my kids but Princess and Mr Man both had friends spending the night on Friday. I lost the use of my computer because Princess and her friend took it over but that was ok because I was busy putting on boots, zipping up coats and helping get snow pants and gloves on the other 4 kids who wanted to go play outside, when we got in It was time to make dinner and get everyone feed. By the time I was done cleaning up from that I had 30 minutes to get ready to go over to Heathers for the cookie exchange she was having.. It was so fun getting together with everyone.. I had alot of blogging buddies there, Heather(since it was her house LOL), Foxy Mama, Jenn, and Shaundra. To read more about that and see some pictures you can check them out HERE.
I got home from that (after picking up Little Man who staye
d with grandma since he was being a handful with extra kids at my house) about 9pm. Then made everyone hot chocolate and ate cookies as we watched movies. The girls were all asleep by 11pm, the boys by 11:30pm and Little Man was so excited that we had extra kids here for him to play with he didn't go down till after midnight.. UGH....
Saturday morning we got up had breakfast.. then got Princess and her friend G, and Mr Man and his friend A dressed and we all went to the rec center for Mr Man's basket ball while DH stayed home with Sweet Pea and Little Man.. When we got back all the kids went out and played in the snow for a few hours. We ate lunch and took Mr Man's friend home around 2pm Princess Friend had decided to spend the whole weekend with us. At 4:30pm DH took all the girls(princess, her friend and Sweet Pea) to a high school basketball game in the town DH and I grew up in. I got the boys cleaned up and dropped them off at my grandma's and went shopping. I had to Christmas shop for the kids, not only for gifts for my house, but My MIL gave me money to get there gifts for under her tree and my grandma gave me money to get the gifts for under her tree.. So at 5pm I was out shopping by my lonesome trying to figure out what to get these kids.. I really had no clue what to get anyone.. so I hit about 4 stores walking up and down trying to come up with gifts for everyone and ended up getting home at 9pm with 4 gifts from my grandma(not even close to enough or the amount she wanted me to spend) 1 gift from my MIL and 3 for under my tree. So not even close to getting enough stuff.. but I was at a lost as to what to get and it was getting late and I needed to go pick up the boys. So I left.. but I did run into another blogging Buddie, Tina , while I was out shopping.
After I got the boys DH called and told me to order pizza.. So about 10pm I had DH and 5 kids sitting down eating pizza I did get everyone in bed and asleep by 11:30pm that night.

Sunday morning got everyone up and did the normal eat fast, dress fast and get out the door fast for church... All seemed normal to me.. Wake up about 8am and be on the road no later then 9:10am to get to Sunday school by 9:30am.. ONLY G(princess's friend) made the comment "wow things are sure rushed around here on Sunday mornings" LOL
After church my parents came over and we had lunch.. Then my dad spent a few hours hooking up our new(to us) computer and me, my mom and Princess and G all helped Mr Man get his toy invention project ready to take to school on Monday. Around 5pm my parents left and around 6pm we took G home. Then I got dinner going and pretty much did nothing the rest of the night.. there was no PM church/Awana last night not sure why Don't think they are having any more awans club meetings until the start of the new year.
This morning was the normal get up ready for school eat sort of thing. My Grandpa came early to take the kids to school. He picked up Princess 1st and then was coming back for the others(since her school starts earlier) When he got back Princess was still with him.. she came running though the house like a mad women.. into her bed room and changed her cloths LOL.. you see she had forgot it was spirit week at school and she JUST HAD TO be in her mix matched cloths since it was Mix Matched day LOL, silly girl.. As soon as the kids were all at school DH, Little Man and I were out the door. DH said he would go shopping with me to try to finish up my shopping for my Grandma. He thought he could help me come up with ideas as to what to get for the kids.. And he did. We were gone from 9am till 1pm and got everything for both boys and Sweet Pea from Grandma, and got another item for my MIL. For Princess I thought she would like stuff from the mall, He thought she would like toys So since we didn't have a clue we just didn't get her anything.
We came home had lunch He went to bed at 2pm and I took off with Little Man to grandma's house to give her all the gifts.. She said we would just have to take Princess shopping. She wanted to know when she had a free day, Well her only free day this week was tonight. So grandma wanted me to take her after school and she would keep the other kids, that is what we did.I picked up Mr Man and Sweet Pea then went and got Princess and we headed back to grandmas house. I had Princess and Mr Man do there home work then Princess and I took off. She wanted her friend Kate to come with us so we picked her up and off to the big city we went.
1st stop wal-mart because Princess and K wanted matching PJ's to wear to school this week and they thought they could have extra spending money if they bought them there. But these girls are not really the shop at walmart sort of girls LOL(Princess mommy is LOL) While they liked the price tag they just couldn't find anything style wise to there liking.. So off to kohl NOPE, while they liked the style neither of them wanted to pay $15 for a pair of PJ bottoms(though they were really nice so $15 was a good price for them) So Next stop Target.. BINGO... nice styles and good prices.. They were on sale for $7.99 both girls happy both got matching PJ's and both will look SOOOOOOOOO out of place since they plan to wear them Friday which is dress up day at school... LOL LOL.. but they will have a blast doing that... wonder if she will kill me if I run to the school to get a picture of them Friday.
Then it was off to the mall to hit all her favorite places to spend her Christmas money from Grandma.. When it was all said and done it was 7:30pm when I got home and started to cook dinner. and here is how I felt. Yes this picture says it all.. I want to go to MOPS tomorrow but I don't know if I will have the energy after today... I would have to make a dish in the morning to take to the pot luck breakfast and seeing how it is almost midnight now, I'm just not sure If I want to wake up any earlier then I have to in the morning.. OH maybe I'll just by donuts LOL.. we will see, After today I might just want to sit in my PJ's all morning.

Well I'm off now... Haven't to to visit many blogs today so I haven't stopped by Annie's to see if we have a new time travel Tuesday post subject yet.. So I might not get that up till later in the day tomorrow.
Good night all.

Well poo.. blogger won't let me ture things into link.. so I'll have to come back later and try to link to all my blogging buddie's blog. sorry guys.


The Stevens Family said...

I am exhausted from reading that! Congrats on surviving it!

Misty said...

Now I need a nap... I kept reading and thinking "and then I took a nap" would pop up, but it never did.
you truly ARE wonder woman!

Maddy said...

No wonder you're a day 'late' = busy, busy, busy.
Best wishes

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

palmtreefanatic said...

WOW! And I THOUGHT I was busy! I am so exhausted now I need to breathe! Deep breaths...sigh
Girl you better slow down! I hope you are finished shopping by now! I didnt need to get much but did ok, Now I hope tomorrow I will finish it all up! I HOPE!
It was so nice to run into you Saturday at Toys r us;)

Natalie said...

Just reading that was exhausting! You were one busy lady!