Monday, December 31, 2007

Year-End Recap part 2(summer 2007)

June 2007 - And So I blog/ Friday Feast.
first line "I got up this morning, washed clothed, packed suit cases for 6 people to go away for the weekend, worked my bottom off trying to get everyone ready for there fun filled weekend.
DH, Princess and Myself heading south 3 hours for a fun filled weekend of fastpitch softball, a nice hotel with indoor and outdoor swimming and a weekend minus 3 little monkeys who don't much care for sitting still."

Highlights: 1st weekend of June Princess had a softball tournament that I missed due to Mr Man being sick.. Also that weekend Little Man took up body art work. Sweet Pea had safety town and me and her had a mommy sweet pea day. We pretty much spent every day at ball fields either for Sweet pea's t-ball, Mr Man's base ball, Princess league softball during the week and her travel tournament softball during the weekends. Princess went to church summer camp her 1st year going Jr High week. Mr Man got Player of the game and was given the game ball. If we weren't at the ball diamond we were swimming, DH took the middle to kids to TN for his family reunion and Princess and I spent a weekend up north together. My sister came home for a week with her girls and we spent time with them and went to the zoo .. June was busy but fun.
July 2007 - Menu Plan Monday(7/2/07)
first line " WOW it has been a bit since I have did a Menu Plan Monday."

Highlights: more swimming, more ball, there was the 4th of July parade which both Princess and Mr Man was in and we went to the beach to watch fireworks. We went camping, We got 3 new kittens, Princess softball team took 2nd in a tournament. We took our yearly vacation to TN with the inlaws. Little Man got his 1st professional hair cut. Mr man became a big time fisherman. We spent alot of weekends in June and July living in hotels due to softball tournaments.
August 2007 - The Zoo June 29,2007

The first line was "On June 24 My sister P came home with her two daughters A and Little E. My sister lives in Texas so I don't get to see her or my nieces very often, maybe once a year. They were home from the 24 till July 2, 2007"

Highlights: The kids spent alot of time fishing with my dad, still alot of swimming. 1st weekend of Aug we camped at another one of princesses ball tournaments this one 3 hours south of us. The Ball season came to an end, Princess tried out for a closer traveling tournament team and made it. We had a garage sale at my grandma's. My kids went to TX along with my parents to visit my sister, While they were gone Little Man(who didn't go) & I got sick, just as we got better, DH got sick and stayed the rest of the month and then some. The kids started school, Princess 6th grade, Mr Man 2nd grade and Sweet Pea Kindergarten.

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