Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend reflection (Santa Clause is coming to town)

If your looking for my menu plan it is right below this post

What a weekend.. It started out sort of slow.. I didn't do anything Friday night except have a nice relaxing evening in with my boys. Sweet Pea had went and spent the night with my grandma. Princess had softball practice, so DH took her and they were gone from 5:30 till 9pm So That left me with my boys. Mr Man and Little Man.. we had a great night, breakfast of bacon and eggs for dinner, boys got bathed and then played with the Thomas trains nicely for hours. I had the curtains open so I could enjoy the outside lights. and Had all the indoor ones on and Christmas music playing in the background.. Great night..
This morning I woke up and DH had breakfast waiting for us.. and then we got dressed and it was off an running.. DH took Mr Man and Princess to Mr Man's basketball, while I packed up Little Man and Picked up my Grandma and Sweet Pea and went and froze uptown to watch the Christmas parade, which in our town brings Santa Clause to town and starts the Christmas season.
It was cold I had Little Man in his snow suit. To keep warm Grandma took the kids into one of the up town stores to wait for the parade to start and I found some closer parking.. As I was walking to were I had left them.. I spotted some interesting things in the store front windows.
The 1st one is a classic. don't you love it.. I love the Christmas story so when I saw this I just had to take a picture.
The Lady back behind the lamp in the red in my Grandma.
Then I spotted two of the cutest things ever seen in a store front window. I didn't know if I should scream at them for climbing into the stores display or yell at grandma for letting them LOL.. but it was picture worthy anyways and the store workers told me "oh don't worry about it they aren't hurting anything"
This was another thing in the same store front window.. I loved it.. It's for Sale also.. Only $3500.00 Now the Christmas parade is never long in our town.. The longest one I have seen was 15 minutes.. but the normal is more like 10 minutes which seems silly to pack up and go to for such a short thing.. but It's Christmas.. and it's cold so really short is better... but this year was just nuts.. I packed up the kids even pulled out snowsuits found parking and froze a bit waiting for a parade that was LESS THEN FIVE MINUETS LONG....

but all was good the kids enjoyed themselves getting candy tossed at them and seeing Santa coming into town.
Though you think with two high schools and two Jr highs here in town there would have been at least one band in this parade playing some Christmas music but sadly there wasn't..
After the parade.. we headed over to the local library where Santa was seeing children.
eTop shot is of Sweet Pea waiting in line and the bottom is while we were in line, It's Little Man showing great grandma the picture of "hoho"
Here is a pic of the kids with Santa. This was the 1st year Sweet Pea went up to Santa willingly and not crying.. Little Man wasn't too sure about it all but he liked the bells.
Afterwards we headed over to the historical museum where they were having an open house with hot cider and cookies. I just loved the stocking hung by the chimney with care.
Had to take these next to pictures also.. You see this doll, this is my doll.. well not really.. but I had one just like her, exactly like her.. It was my mom's doll while she was growing up and when I was little mom gave it to me.. I use to sleep with her all the time.. when I was 4 years old I had bunk beds and I rolled over in my sleep and knocked Patty out of bed.. MOM thought I had fallen out of the top bunk and came running into the room in the dark and stepped on Patty and that was the 1st time Poor Patty lost a finger.. Now my kids play with Patty every so often while at my parent house.. Patty is now missing an arm, her hair is a mess and the one hand she does have only have 2 fingers. LOL.. but I still love that doll, so when I saw this one fully put together and looking so nice I had to take a picture.
Then this next shot is of the buggy.. My grandma said it looks just like the toy buggy she had growing up.
After all that excitement I came home dropped off the younger two and picked up Princess and her and I went out and did a little Christmas shopping, a little like bought two items from one store. Then we came home had lunch and put Little Man down for a nap.. Then at 3pm we packed it all up and went back up town for a Christmas movie showing at the up town theater. When that was over we headed over to one of the up town parks for the big lighting up of the up town lights and Christmas tree. Here is a picture of the big tree though it didn't turn out very well.
It was fun and freezing standing around sing Christmas carols with all the people.
Though we didn't stick around too long because it was COLD!!!!! and the snow storm they were calling for had started.. so we took off back home where DH and Little Man were waiting for us in the nice warm indoors.
That is how I spent Saturday.. OH we did head into my parents town because the kids were wanting to spend the night there.. Not sure it was our smartest move, DH and I ice skated on the roads in our van all the way home..
It snowed pretty good all night, when I went to bed at 2am there was snow covering everything, and it was COLD... I woke up Sunday morning to get ready for church and it was all melted, everything was just wet and nasty looking.. no snow to be seen anywhere.. All day was nice and warm in the 50's. Then it started to rain and rain and rain and rain.. Have I mentioned I don't like rain. Even still my day was good.
Went to church in the morning. Right after church went grocery shopping. Then came home put stuff away, changed out of our church cloths and made lunch. Then made Christmas chains with Sweet Pea and Rhett.. a link for each day until Christmas so that they can pull one link off each night and Christmas eve will be the last link.. Then went over bible verses with the kids.. Then It was off to PM church and Awanas. After We got home I made dinner, feed everyone and ate dinner, and sent DH off to work and put the kids bed..

So that is how I spent my weekend.. What did the rest of you do this weekend??


Shaunda said...

What a great weekend! LOVE all the pics...Thanks for sharing!!!!

The Stevens Family said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Judging by the weather, I'm guessing you live somewhere around me. Great pictures.

palmtreefanatic said...

sounds like a very busy weekend and fun!
You know I have NEVER seen the towns christmas parade in the 36 yrs of being here...guess I am not missing much eh?

Misty said...

what a wonderfully festive evening you had! LOVE IT!!!!
There is an entire Christmas Story museum where you can buy the lifeboy soap and everything!

Shana said...

Sounds like you had a great week-end. I love the picture of the leg lamp. LOL!!! :o)

Sheryl said...

Looks like a weekend chock-full of fun!
I used to have a Chatty Kathy doll that looked much like the Patty doll.