Monday, December 03, 2007

Menu Plan Monday(12/3/07)

We have a lot of doubles from last week, we just never got around to making..

Monday: The mini meatloaves, doing this with garlic mash potatoes, and green beans.

Tuesday: something easy because I have to have a tooth pulled that day so we will do hot dogs and mac n cheese

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan noodles, apple sauce and a salad

Thursday: I'm cooking a turkey(why because I have one LOL) have some tators and gravy and corn and rolls wit this.

Friday: Smoked Sausage, and au gratin potatoes and apple sauce. Then lots and lots of cookies ;P as I'm going to a cookie exchange that night

Hope you all have a wonderful week. Happy Menu planning.


Maddy said...

Now if you had a different template I could just print that off and be done for the week!


Please try my duplicate "loads like a dream" blog over "here."

Shaunda said...

Yummy week!

Anne said...

Yes, your selections look great! I love mini-meatloaves as I can never get the big ones to cook all the way through! Have a fun time at the cookie exchange and a wonderful week! :)

palmtreefanatic said...

a tooth pulled? ouch! that really sux I am sure!

A Turkey? wow! still cooking turkeys? I have to clean up some in my freezer soon, maybe next week;)

I love cookie exchanges except I find I need to try 1 of everything! have fun!

Sheryl said...

It all sounds so yummy...especially the mini meatloaves w/garlic mashed potatoes!
Have a great week!