Thursday, December 27, 2007

So I'm a week behind

Yes it's true, I'm a week behind on blogging about my life.. I know your all just heart broken about this, come on you know you are. :)

I"m going to try to get myself all caught up. Lets start with last Friday. It was my kids last day of school before break. That night my parents called and asked if the kids could spend the night I said the 3 younger ones could Princess had a friend spending the night so she couldn't.. ONLY My parents said the friend could come and stay also. Checked with G(the friend) parents and it was ok.. So my parents came and picked up 5 kids and took them to there place to spend the night.. They rented movies and made milkshakes and had a good old time. Mom took picture and here are a few of them.

Sweet Pea and Little Man

Mr Man

Princess and Her friend G supporting milkshake stashes.A closer shot of PrincessWhile they were with my parents having all this fun.. DH was sleeping because he had to go into work that night. I was left at home alone. I thought WOW this would be a perfect time to do the press cookies.. So I got the cream cheese cookies all mixed up when I walked by my oven and found it wasn't warm and i had it preheating.. SHOOT... my oven wasn't working.. So I called my grandma and went to her house to use her oven. Ended up over there for 2 hours then came home and found out what was wrong with my oven.. UMMMM I didn't know there was a button on top that could keep my oven from turning on OOPES.. so I hit that button and boom my oven was fine. So I got DH up and off to work and made more cookies. Then watched some cheesy Christmas movie on ABC family(well it was taped I was watching it around midnight) Then I went to bed.

Saturday morning DH got home from work and went to bed, While he slept I cleaned up a bit and showered and went and got my hair cut then came home woke him up and off we went.. Christmas shopping.. We shopped for 6 hours and finished it all up. Got to my parent house at 8pm to pick up the kids.. On the way home we kept goofing around to embarrass Princess and her friend just a bit, you know singing really loud to 80's songs and the such.. Then we drove past a few nice Christmas lights displays in peoples yards and DH and I thought one more prank to pull on the kids would be in order.. So while at a stop.. DH and I did a Chinese fire drill... OH MY GOODNESS did the kids get a big laugh out of that.. All of them thought it was just the coolest thing ever and said next time they want to run around with us LOL.. Well all of them except Little Man who got scared and started to cry when we did that.. OOPES.. bad parents we are ;P

After all that excitement we dropped G off at home and we made it home about 9pm. Earlier in the week the gifts that my sister got the kids for Christmas came in the mail and have been tempting my children.. So Saturday night we gave in and let them open up there gift from Aunt P.

Think I'll stop here for now and pick back up tomorrow or when ever with what all went on Sunday 12/23/07


The Stevens Family said...

My you certainly have been busy!

Sniz said...

Your parents are awesome to take all the grandkids plus one. My parents always watch all the grandkids overnight on New Year's Eve. It is such a blessing and a gift!