Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sweet Pea's birthday party 2010

As you know from my last post, Sweet Pea turned 8 years old Friday January 29, 2010
That evening she invited her friends over for a birthday slumber party, This is a slide show from the party.. if it isn't playing just give it a second there are more pictures then I normally put into these slideshow so it might take just a bit of extra time to load..

Everyone had such a good time.. Since Friday was SweetPea's TRUE birthday I let my boys stay to watch her open gifts and sing happy birthday to there sister before sending them off to spend the night with great grandma.. So even the boys enjoyed the party.. Party started at 6pm the boys left around 9pm I laid the girls down to go to sleep about 3am but that didn't happen they all got up and was doing makeover till 4pm when I started a 2nd movie and got them all laying down again.. I fell asleep in the middle of the movie to wake up at the end of it and there was 3 girls still awake talking and playing LOL.. The last girl was out by 6am and I woke them up at 8:30AM to get them breakfast since parents were coming to pick them up at 9am.
but fun was had by all... Hope you enjoy the slide show..
Happy Monday Everyone.. ♥

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Fantastagirl said...

Looks like they had a great time! Happy Birthday to your Sweet Pea! She is such a cutie!