Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday 13 (sleding)

Last Friday January 15, 2010 the kid had a day off school.. Even though it was warm like 35 degrees out and all our snow had started to melt away.. We packed it up and headed to the sled riding hill in the town I grew up in.. We weren't sure if there was going to be snow on the hill or not but when we got there we saw that there still was some snow left so we spent the afternoon enjoying what was left of our snow and not really freezing like the kids did the week before when they went sledding in like 9 degrees LOL.
So for my T13 today I give you 13 photos from our time last Friday.

#1 Mr Man climbing up the hill#2 Princess snowboarding

#3 the tiny spot you see towards the bottom of the hill is Sweet Pea, the little dot towards middle of the hill is Little Man and then walking back up the hill is Mr Man
#4 Little Man climbing back up the hill
#5 Princess and her friend CC sharing a ride down the hill
#6 Sweet Pea towards the top and below her is Princess and CC climbing back up the hill
#7 Princess and CC coming back up
#8 Little Man
#9 Princess
#10 Mr Man
#11 Little Man
#12 Princess and Friend
#13 Little Man and Sweet Pea

It was really a fun afternoon. Hope you enjoyed sharing it with us. Happy Thursday

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Irishcoda said...

What fun pictures! I remember days like those when my kids were younger. :)

The Holleys said...

Your kids look so grown now, KC. I enjoyed looking at their photos and snowboarding looks fun! Maybe I'll try that someday.

Midlife Mom said...

GREAT pictures! These are the things kids are supposed to be doing! They will always remember the fun they had out in the snow on the hill. Princess is sure growing up! She is very pretty like her Mom. I enjoyed the pictures of her! The one in the womb is amazing, one of God's greatest miracles!!! Happy Belated Birthday Princess! xoxoxox