Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas 2009 #3

My parents planned to head to TX to visit with my sister and her family after Christmas and they asked my kids to go along. The 3 younger ones said they wanted to go, but Princess had plans already with an out of state friend coming to stay with us. So the plan was the 3 younger kids leave with my parent wee hours in the morning on Dec 26th..
Because of this my mom wanted to give my kids there big Christmas gift from grandma and grandpa early.. So on Dec 22, 2009 they came over and let the kids open there gift so they would have time to play it before leaving for TX. This was the start of our Christmas party of sort celebrations.

The next day Dec 23, 09 we continued our Christmas celebration with the big turkey dinner I had mentioned before and then out to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunk movie..
Guess I'll stop here for now.. and next time I post I'll tell about Christmas Eve 2009

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Midlife Mom said...

What fun!!!!! The kids will have a blast with that! Is it Wii? They must have been so happy with that!

Glad you had such nice holidays, we did too, I just love Christmas and all the family time. I need to get one of the Wii exercise programs!

Very cold here and lots of snow. We have been away and just got home yesterday. One of our horses needed surgery so we had to take him to New Hampshire. He is fine, just needs to recouperate for a few weeks.

Well must get dinner ready, take care! xoxoxoxxo