Wednesday, January 06, 2010

funny kids stuff

We are having a snow day today.. So everyone at my house is moving at a slow pace. This morning after breakfast I reminded Princess that after she brushes her teeth she should use the phosflur that the orthodontist gave her for her braces.. When she rinses with that she can't eat or drink for 30 minutes.. I figured that would work she just ate she wouldn't need anything for another 30 minutes.. ONLY she is moving at a slow pace.
Well here we are now and it's lunch time.. the kids picked spaghetti O's for lunch.. I cook them have them in bowls and I yell "who wants spaghetti-O's" Little Man starts yelling "me me me me" and starts to run towards the kitchen. everyone answers except Princess. I said "do you want any?" she answers " NO I just put that crap in my mouth like you told me to do" Little Man stops dead in his tracks, turns looks at her with his mouth open and said in a ewwww like tone "YOU PUT CRAP... IN YOUR MOUTH??"

got to love kids..

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Rachel said...

You know one of them is going to come up with a new name to call others.....'crap mouth, crap mouth!' Aren't I helpful??? :)