Saturday, January 02, 2010

First post of 2010

The goal for 2010 was a post a day and I'm already behind on that.. Stayed up way to late on Dec 31,09 to even remember to just get on and post Happy New Years on Jan 1, 2010.
So let me start by saying Happy New Years to all my one reader out there.. Hopefully in 2010 I can get my blog back up to where it was before I found facebook :-)
Thursday when I posted I gave you what I had been up to the past 13 days.. Today I"m going to post the pictures from #2 and #4 of those 13 ... If you had missed that post you can go view it here
Sunday December 20,09 Candle light service and dessert fellowship at church.

Tuesday December 22, 09 the day I worked as the parent helper in Little Man's preschool for there Christmas party.

I'm sure I mentioned that my younger three are in TX.. They left here on December 26,09. Please keep them and my parents in your prayers as they left today to drive those 20 some hours back home.. I'm starting to miss my babies.. but Princess and her friends have kept me so busy that it really hasn't seemed like they been gone very long.
Thinking out loud here I don't know what sort of blogging meme's I'll end up doing in 2010.. but I think I'm going to stick to the two that I have been trying to do here at my blog.. On Sunday will be Then Sings my Soul.. I started that one because it seems some song always sticks with me and touches my heart on Sunday morning during Church so I just started typing them out when I got home.. feel free to join along it doesn't have to be something from that Sunday just a song that touched your heart that you want to share.. Though chances are this post of mine won't get up till Sunday afternoon.. just in case your wondering.. Then I think I'll keep doing my From Gods Word Friday.. I enjoys those ones.. I just use whatever verses God lays on my heart at the moment.. Most the time they come from one of the days Bible reading from the week, but at other times God just places a verse in my mind and heart and I just post it.. Your all invited to join along in that also, if God lays something on you heart post it and then come back and comment so I know to go read it.. I don't think I'll use Mr Linky on these unless we start having a lot of people join in .
Other wise I just hope to get you all caught up with my life and pictures and what is going on.. and then hopefully stay caught up.. AND!!!!! get back to stopping by and reading your blogs.. been missing my blogging friends :-)

Well that is it for today.. Happy 2010 to you all.

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