Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009 #5 Christmas morning.

Keeping with our Christmas traditions.. After we leave the IL's house on Christmas eve we come home and get the kids in bed. This year that took longer because they had new Wii games they got and wanted to play with.. I let them go ahead and do that seeing how they were leaving the day after Christmas and I wanted them to get some enjoyment out of there new gifts before they left. So we got home and they kids stayed up till 2AM playing wii. Little Man didn't make it that long think he was asleep by midnight but the rest of them were up.. After they fell asleep, Then Santa had to get to work. It was a late night for poor Santa.
Thankfully everyone slept in.. even Little Man didn't wake up till 9am by 9:30am the rest of the gang was awake and ready to open gifts.
We opened gifts, then I cooked breakfast and we all ate, then we went to the major chore of taking gifts out of packages and setting them up so everyone could play.. We stayed in our PJ's and played with the kids new stuff till 1:30PM
At that point we had to rush to get dressed and loaded up and out the door to get to my side of the family Christmas celebration..
but this is where we will stop for today.. and I'll share with you all the pictures from Christmas morning at our house.

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Hampers said...

Nice blog. Glad to see that you had a great time on Christmas. It was nice going through your blog.May your world be filled with good cheer.

palmtreefanatic said...

love your slide shows!