Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas 2009 #1

Thought I would start sharing our Christmas with you all today.. It was one of the best Christmas seasons.. God is Good. Everything was just wonderful.. From the church services though out the month, to the time spent with family and the kids opening there gifts. It was just the little things that all seemed to fall into place that were wonderful. Starting with getting the house clean.. Last year I got called into work so many times in the month of November and December that I didn't get any of the cleaning done.. or when I did I couldn't keep up with it to keep it looking clean that it didn't even matter.. I'm no neat freak in any shape or form that is for sure, but I do enjoy having the house nice and in order for the holidays just seems to make it look a bit more magical when there isn't things spread from one end of the place to the other.. This year I was able to not only keep things picked up but also was able to change the boys whole room around and my mom made them new drapes and matching pillowcases as part of there Christmas gifts.. We went from 5 toy boxes in there down to 2 and from two big plastic boxes of books down to one, just by sorting out the stuff they have out grown, bye bye baby toys and books sniff sniff. Also got there cloths sorted out.. I was able to get all 4 kids dressers sorted though and took out all the stuff they out grew.. I know doesn't seem christmas-ey but it helped get me ready for Christmas and that made me happy.

I also found time to bake cookies.. and bake more cookies and bake more cookies and bake more cookies.. LOL every time I made them the family would eat them so I had to make more. Even on the day I made 13 dozen with in 3 days they were gone :-) but it was fun.

I got to spend time with the kids doing Christmas-ey stuff such as going to visit Santa.. 1st with the younger 3. I didn't Think Princess would care to go so I took the younger 3 one day when she was gone. Only to have her ask me less then a week later to take her and her friends to see Santa. :-)

Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man with Santa.

after the picture they spent time at the little playground at the mall that is where these below pics came from.

Princess and her friend with Santa.. They saw two one downtown and one at the mall here are the pics from there trip.
hmmmm. well now.. blogger isn't loading my pictures.. wonderful.. I'm loading them into a slide show now.. guess I'll share them with you that way.. silly blogger..

Guess since blogger is acting up..This is where I'll end this post..

I'll talk more about my wonderful Christmas in the next one..

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palmtreefanatic said...

nice pic! your kids are quite the hams for the camera!;)
where is santas house?
looks like some wonderful happening there you had!

Carol VR said...

Mmmmm, I love cookies and should you be interested there is a monthly cookie carnival hosted on in the blog-osphere that I participate in.

You can check it out by hitting the button on my right hand sidebar.