Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Getting caught up Christmas Break...

I know it is already February 2010, but I'm still posting about December 2009... yes I'm just a little slow.. I have finished up with Christmas, it only took me a month and 6 post but I have shared my Christmas with you all....
If you missed any of it and would like to know how I spent Christmas and see pictures you can view our Christmas by clicking on these. Post #1 ... Post #2 ... Post #3 ... Post #4 ... Post #5 ... Post #6 .
Now we move on to our Christmas break. For the whole break my younger three left us. Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man at 5:30AM on December 26th loaded up into my parents van and took off with grandma and grandpa to Texas, to go spend Christmas break with my sister and her girls
Here they are loading up and leaving that morning.
They all enjoyed there time with there Aunt, Uncle, cousins and grandparents in Texas.. The reason the rest of us didn't go was 1) DH didn't have vacation time left, and 2) Princess friend who she meet at church summer camp and who lives in IN was coming to OH. to spend Christmas break with us, this was planned before the TX trip was.
My 3 younger kids spent all day Saturday driving 1/2 the way to TX.. While they did that Princess had her friend J over to spend the night.. J went to church with us in the morning and also to the Mall(midway point between our house and where Princess's camp friend and her family were staying at an aunts house for Christmas)
The girl from IN got to our house on Sunday December 27, 09 and stayed at our place until January 1, 10..
On Sunday we spent a few hours at a mall shopping and hanging out and that night the girls went to a movie. On Monday we took a little trip and spent the night at an indoor water park hotel.. where the girls had a blast both Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday in the afternoon the girls meet up with some of there other camp friends they picked a meeting point about an hour away from our house which was middle meeting spot where they spent hours and hours hanging out at the mall getting caught up with there friends. That night Princess went with her C(the girls staying with us) to spend the night at C's aunt house(who lives here in OH) Thursday, Princess and C was back at our place for New Years Eve(which I'll write about in my next getting caught up post) and Friday evening C's parents picked her up and took her back to IN.
Saturday night Princess went out with some of her school friends and DH took me out to dinner. After we got home and Princess got home.. we colored Princess's hair.. back in Sept she wanted to go lighter blond so I let her, Her normal color is a dirty dark dishwater blond.. but Princess was tired of the light blond and wanted to go dark brown.. UMMMMM I wasn't to sure on that so I let her go with a natural light brown which looks really close to her normal dark blond.. so she is pretty much back to her normal color now and loving it..
Sunday January 3rd.. we had church and then waited and waited till we got a phone call telling us the rest of the family was back in Ohio so that night we headed over to my parents house to pick up all our kids.. brought them home loved on them some got them into bed for school in the morning.
This is a slide show of our time with Princess and friends over Christmas break.

and here are a few pic the other kids came back with from TX.

in my next Getting caught up post I'll post about New Years Eve.. until then hope you all are well.. Happy Tuesday..

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Lauren said...

I am glad I am not the only one behind. I am still posting about our Disney trip in December! Looks like your family had a good Christmas break, even if you spent it in several places.