Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have the most amazing God..

The way He answers prayers, the way He works in our lives, The way He loved us so much that He sent the Son to come and take our punishment for sin so that one day we who are His children can spend eternity with Him.. My Lord is so amazing it is beyond words.

Back On Sept 20,2006 I wrote this post about how Sweet Pea excepted Christ as her Savior. In it I shared the testimonies of when Princess came to Christ and also when Mr Man was saved. I ended the post with this.
"God is such a great God, I thank Him every day for everything He has done in my life and in the life of my children. Isn't is wonderful how he answers prayer.
Now I sit back and wait to see How my wonderful Lord will bring Little Man to HIM"

On Tuesday night Febuary 16,2010 before bed I was working with Little Man with his ABC's he seems to struggle with them due to his speech delay and other issues it is hard for him to do the sounds. I had been fretting about this issue all day on Tuesday after talking with his preschool teachers.. So I was about ready to pull my hair out not so much with him.. but with I just couldn't think of a good way to help him learn these and say them correctly.. So I was doing alot of praying in my mind to God Tuesday about helping Little Man with his sounds, his letters and helping me to help him.
Tuesday night at bed time I laid in bed with Little Man like I do alot of nights.. I love that cuddle time and also it is a good one on one time to talk about God. Over the last few months we have had alot of talks about Gods love for us and what he did for us on the cross and everything.. This night I was just tired and spent trying to figure out this ABC stuff and trying to make up my mind on what would be best for Little Man for next fall, Kindergarten or a Pre K program.. that is where my mind was.. It wasn't on talking really.. just on cuddling and falling asleep.. We said our prayers and was ready for him to fall asleep quickly.. Then a few minutes after we prayed and everything was quite.. He said "oops I forgot".... then he went on " Dear Jesus please help me to not be bad, please help me control myself and not fight with my sister and brothers, the end" LOL Yes he says The End and not Amen, I think it is part of his speech/motor planning/delay sort of thing.. because when I say we say Amen, he says Yes I know The end.. makes me wonder if that is what he is hearing when I say Amen.. Anyways... back to my story..

After he said The End, He rolled over hugged my neck really tight and said, "I love you, Natalie(his little girlfriend who he prayers for each and every night)and I love Jesus" Then he gave me a kiss and rolled over to go to sleep.. I had tears just spilling out of my eyes.. at that moment I said a little prayer silently to God.. "God it doesn't matter one little bit if this little boys learns his ABC's or if he goes to kindergarten or preschool next fall, what matters is that he comes to know you as his savior, Dear Lord Please Let Rhett be one of your chosen and let him except you as his savior" I was still had tears at this point.. Then I wrapped my arm around Little Man and waited for him to go to sleep.. this whole time I was talking with God I thought Little Man was almost asleep.. 5 minutes or so went by with no words from either of us I thought he was asleep.. then he rolled over looked at me and asked..

"Mommy how does God live in our hearts and up in heaven?" I answered " God is all powerful honey, and he can be everywhere at all times" I didn't want to get into some big talk about all that God could go at this moment it was late and He is 4 years old LOL.. But then it hit me I better make sure he understands that God doesn't live in the heart of the unsaved.. So I said "you know honey..God only lives in your heart if you are saved" again not wanting to spend alot of time talking about all of this.. We have had many talks about being saved in the past and it was late and he and I were both tired.. He said "oh" Then he rolled over and I thought we were going to go to sleep.. but then he started to pray out loud "Dear Jesus, please come live in my heart and save me, in Jesus name The End"

I didn't have to tell him what to pray, I didn't even ask him if he wanted to ask Jesus to save him.. He did this all on his own..

Yes, I have the most amazing God and now so does my Little Man..

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Jen said...

Oh wow, that is just tender and precious! Thank you for sharing!