Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday 13 (random happinging in my life)

Thought I would toss together a T-13 post for the day. Just with a ton of random things that I haven't had time to blog about
1) Last night I had to go to a parents meeting FOR UPCOMING FRESHMAN!!!!!! when did Princess get so old... and how did she get so old while I stayed young LOL :-)
2) Earlier in the week I thought I was going to have two sick kids.. both Little Man and Sweet Pea seemed off, acting like they didn't feel well and said there tummies hurt but nothing came of it.. BUT today I have TWO sick kids home from school with upset tummies and vomiting... ONLY it isn't the two I thought was getting sick It's Princess and Mr Man..
3) My Grandpa says he is doing well after having this last stent put in, but he isn't back 100% he does what he needs to do though the day but he keeps getting really tired and still having some pain..
4) When the income tax money gets here I want to put a new roof on the back porch.. well I don't really want to I have to it is leaking.. :-(
What I want to do is put new carpet in the living room and new flooring in the kitchen and dinning room.
5) This weekend is a slow weekend for us, only thing going on besides the normal Sunday church stuff is that Princess and Sweet Pea has pictures on Saturday for there traveling softball teams.
6) Two weekends ago the boys stayed with my parents while the girls and DH and I went to Toledo for Princess's 1st travel(or they call it J.O.) volleyball tournament of the year, it was a two day tournament so we stayed the night there.. 12 teams playing.. Princess team took 3rd place(gold..if you know anything about these tournaments that will be something to you, if not they took 3rd place over all the teams) losing only to the 2nd and 1st place team.. Also if you know anything about J.O. volleyball Princess made a American team(use to be call the national team, which are harder teams to get on, only the best players make them on those teams, they travel more and they play harder competition)
7)Last weekend Princess's J.O. volleyball had a tournament in Parma which was an All American tournament(meaning only American teams) and we played our bottoms off(or they did) and we took 1st place in that.
8) Next tournament is another American tournament with 14 teams. that is next weekend.
9)Little Man is having some issues with the ABC's.. with his speech delay and all he is having a hard time with the sounds of the letters.. and his preschool teacher and his speech teachers both think it would do him good to do one more year of preschool before going to kindergarten.. Only problem is he is so ready in all other areas for kindergarten.. but since reading is such a big thing in K.. I'm sort of leaning towards another year of preschool.. but Have not made up my mind. We are working really hard at the moment on the letters and there sounds here at home.. while still working hard on his speech and occupational therapy stuff also.
10) Mr Man is going up.. 4th grade, 10 years old.. and has started liking girls. ~sigh~
11) DH's work seems to be going well, even getting a little over time. Last year this time he was laid off and they were talking of closing the plant..
12) Sweet Pea makes me nuts.. she has issues with things touching her skin.. I don't have a clue what is up with that.. but she wants all her cloths big and baggy other wise she complains they are too tight.. in reality she fits into a size 7 perfectly.. but she won't wear a 7 she wants the 8's so they "aren't tight" and socks and shoes... oh don't get me started.. she hates socks they are all to tights.. she will only wear them inside out so the stitching on the toes don't touch her and they have to be thin and smooth or she will cry for hours.. I went and got her winter crocks and she loves them to wear but on days she has to wear any other shoes(for gym or whatnot) she gives me fits and pretty much loses the laces so much they aren't doing any good. I gave up on dress shoes isn't worth the fight.. she just wears her crocks with dresses and skirts.. that is if it isn't' too cold other wise I just let her wear pants to church since there is no way I can get her into tights or nylons ~sigh~ she looks like no one knows how to dress this poor child.. but I'm done with battling over this with her.. she wins. I hope and pray this is just a phase.. and nothing more.. but I had a nurse mentions maybe she has sensory issues I know nothing about such things.. maybe I should look into it.
13) starting next week, I'll be doing a new Bible study with a group of ladies here in town.. I'm looking forward to it.. but the time of it isn't working that great.. it goes from 6 to 8.. but I can only stay till 7pm I don't know how well that is going to work.. but I'm going to give it a shot and see how it works.. I hope it's doable..
Well there is my 13 random things..
I have pictures to share from the volleyball tournament but no time to load them on her at the moment.. so maybe later..
Happy Thursday..

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javamomma said...

This is neat. So, you're supposed to write a list of 13 things on Thursday? Fun :) Wow. Princess is going to be in HS?! Where does the time go? I can't believe how much they are wanting Little Man to learn about letters in preschool! When I taught, there were only a few Kinder students that would repeat each year, and it was mainly because they couldn't identify all their letters (by the END of Kinder.) What happened to Kinder being a social thing like when we were kids? Curly Q doesn't even go to Pre K because it was too hard on Lovey's schedule to do all that driving into town. I've been doing letters of the week with her, and she seems to like that. She's not all that thrilled about learning though - just wants to play.