Monday, December 01, 2008

Weekend Recap(Thanksgiving weekend 2008)

Thanksgiving Weekend 2008 and so I can make my blogging friend Kristi happy I'll number my weekend stuff this week to fit in her weekend top five :P

Thursday November 27, 2008
Thanksgiving day. Mr Man and Sweet Pea had spent the night with my parents because my sister and her family were in from TX and they wanted to spend every minute they could with there cousins. Princess had her friend Day spend the night on Wednesday night and Little Man was also at home with us that morning.. We woke up ate breakfast, got dressed and watched the Macy's Day parade. Around 11 AM we were dropping Day off at her house and we were heading into the town DH and I grew up in.. My parents before leaving to go to my grandparents house dropped Mr Man and Sweet Pea off over at my Mother inlaw house and we got to the inlaws shortly after that..
We spent the afternoon with DH's family.. We had our Thanksgiving dinner with them about 12:30am about an hour after getting there.. then enjoyed talking with the family till about 4:30pm. Both of DH's brothers and there families had all left by that time, so we packed it up also and headed over to my grandparents for my side of the family Thanksgiving.. They had all ate there big dinner already.. but we would do a leftover dinner with them. We got there and my sister's youngest girl was asleep and Little Man was pretending to be asleep, he laid in bed for about 30 to 40 minutes faking it but never did fall asleep. After all the kids were awake and it was half time of the football game we changed the younger girls into the outfits my sister made for them and we did our family Thanksgiving pictures. After getting all the pictures done we all went and had our leftover Turkey day dinner.. Some time about 9pm the party started to break up and we all headed home.. Sweet Pea with with my sister back to spend the night at my parents house, but the rest of the kids came home with us, BUT on our way home we had to make a stop to pick Princess's friend Day back up because she was spending the night again with us. And that is how we spent Thanksgiving Day... Here is a slide show from all the fun of that day.

Friday November 28, 2008
That morning I woke up early not wee hours in the morning early, but 7am early to get to one Black Friday sale, I got in and out of the crowded crazy place in 20 minutes because I knew the one thing I wanted and I went in and got it did not pass go did not collect $200, Then again if they were offering $200 I would have been spending alot more time in there LOL.
I got home and everyone was still asleep so I climbed back into bed and went back to sleep myself
I woke up about 2 hours later to the smell of my kitchen burning down or so I thought.. The bright teenagers who had spent the night under my roof thought they would make pancakes(something I have never let Princess do) Day had told Princess OH I make them all the time.. Well I have NO clue what she makes at her house, but she mixed up the pancake mix and poured it into a cake pan and stuck it in the oven where they continued to burn my cake pan and the mix till it was nothing but black and smoke though out the house.. After having the two of them clean up the mess they had made though out my kitchen.. We got dress, had cereal, and dropped Day off at home and Princess over my grandma's where she was going Christmas shopping with Grandma. The rest of us headed over to my parents to spend the last hour with her and say good bye to them before they took off back to TX.
After that we went and spent about an hour at the Inlaws.. Then rushed it back home so I could clean up the house a bit, while DH and Sweet Pea went and got groceries. OH I forgot my boys stayed at my parents house and they and my dad went Friday night for hair cuts.
About 6:30pm Princess and her friend K.D. took me to the movies.. LOL.. took me because K.D. couldn't go without an adult.. we saw the new 007 bond movie, it was good if you like James Bond. While at the movie the girls meet up with a group from there youth group(it was all planned) Afterwards K.D. spent the night with us(yes that is 3 nights in a row with Princess having a friend over) Sweet Pea had a friend with her Friday night also.. her friend A.V. so she didn't mind her sister having a friend spend the night at all. :)
After the kids went to sleep that night.. around 11:30PM DH and I had our own movie night.. we cuddled on the cough and watched one of DH's favorite holiday movies The Ref.. We didn't get to bed till LATE that night.
No pictures were taken Friday so I have nothing to share with you along those lines.
Saturday November 29, 2008
We had a lazy morning, hung out in our PJ's till around 11am DH took Princess and her friend K.D. out to get me a box of Christmas lights when I saw I was going to need them.. but really the only thing we did Saturday morning was bring the Christmas tree into the house and put the lights on it(to this moment the tree still only has light on it and nothing more)
Here are a few pics of Princess and K.D. showing there true tree hugger sprite LOL.

Did you check out the girls outfits, PJ bottoms all the way up to there silly shades and hats?? Well this is exactly how they were dressed when DH took them to the store.. (so so reminds me of me and my friend Leanne back when we were there age)
That Afternoon
DH kept the girls and played Taxi to Princess,this makes me LOL because when I got home he complained how he didn't get anything done he wanted to do because he had to keep doing things either for Princess or Sweet Pea.. YEA honey tell me about it now try it with adding the boys to the mix and see why I never get the laundry done, the house picked up or the dishes cleaned ;P
Which reminds me my boys on Saturday took a trip to our state capital with my dad and my grandpa, because my Grandpa wanted to go look at a boat.. and They came home with Grandpa's new to him 19 foot boat.. Now I have TWO boats to spend time on the lake with my dad's 21 foot one with cabin and my grandpa's 19 foot one with seats up front and in back. This should make for a super fun summer :)
Back to me and why DH had the girls all afternoon. At Noon my grandma picked me up and the two of us went Christmas shopping till 4 PM
When I got home Princess's friend S.F was here, LOL yes another friend only this time she wasn't spending the night Princess was home packing up her stuff to go spend the night at S.F's house.
At 5pm Sweet Pea and I got dressed and went with my Uncle and Grandma to a drive though light show at a park here in our town.. I tried to take pictures but they didn't turn out, these are the best I got of them.
After this Sweet Pea and I did some running, to the library to drop off some books that were due, then to walmart to get me some cough med(yes it has been a month and I'm still coughing my head off) Then last stop was to the video store to rent the Kit American Girl movie. We thought Sweet Pea and I would have our time alone all night with Princess gone and we thought the boys were going back to my parents after getting the boat.. Then we headed home..
Sweet Pea took a bath while I made dinner, we ate dinner, Then we all played UNO but while we were playing UNO the boys came home.. Guess my dad dropped them off at my grandparents when they were taking the boat over to grandma's and Grandma wanted to take the boys though the light thing she took us though, so the boys stayed with Grandma and didn't go back home with my dad.. So Grandma was bring them home.. This changed our plans a bit.. but Things still worked out.. We got Little Man to sleep, Then DH and Mr Man went and watched Star Wars in the bedroom and Sweet Pea and I cuddled on the couch and watched Kit.. and this is how we ended Saturday night.
Sunday November 30, 2008
Sunday was pretty much our normal Sunday, Church in the morning, we did have coffee and dessert fellowship after the service. Sunday afternoon I spent at home adding all the weekend photos online, Sunday night PM Church/Awana's/youth group. Only at Awana's they were having awards night at the end of the service.. The cubbies give there awards as they earn them so this was no biggie for Mr Man, which is a good thing because when they brought the cubbies into the awards part Little Man wasn't with the group.. His leader came in a bit behind the group carrying a sound asleep Little Man(did I mention he didn't get his nap this afternoon) I guess during verse time he was next to get to say his verse and they saw him keep closing his eyes and when they went to have him do his verse he was already sound asleep sitting up at the table LOL.. (I did mention my kids can sleep anywhere right??) So they didn't wake him they just left him sleep.
Sweet Pea got called up for her badge and jewels for sparks and Mr Man got his stuff for T&T
It was also theme night favorite sport team dressing crazy with the most spirit sort of thing and Sweet Pea won for the Sparks..
Then it was Clubber of the Month time, they called up the cubbie Clubber of the Month and then the Sparks(Sweet Pea was non to happy that is wasn't her) Then it was T&T time and up in lights to the "lets get ready to rumble" song playing loudly.. We see Mr Man's name... He won Clubber of the Month for T&T he was so happy..
All of this excitement and I didn't have my camera on me.. so all the pictures are bad but I do have some taken with my cell phone.. so here is the slide show from Awana's Sunday night.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also, If you posted about it in any shape or form don't forget to link it up to the Mr Linky at the bottom of this post.

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Kristi said...

I can;t believe you were able to fit it into five things. Way to go!

We both had icky smells in the house this weekend. Yours was burning, mine was natural gas. It's good to know that neither one was a serious problem.

Have a great week.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That sounds like a great albeit BUSY Thanksgiving weekend!

Glad you were able to enjoy time with your extended family :)

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! What a weekend!

Janne said...

Wow! Busy weekend!

There is *nothing* like waking up to THAT smell. My children DO cook on a regular basis, but there are still mishaps. There was one mishap recently (banana bread overflowing its pan in the oven)that sent me into high alert panic mode. Nothing like every smoke detector in the house going off at 7am to jumpstart your day. LOL

Aisha said...

You had a busy weekend and wow! That's really early to do Christmas shopping. It's better than having a rush one, huh? I finally got to join the weekend recap, KC! I'm glad.

Jen said...

What a fun weekend! You always seem to have SO much going on and I LOVE how you write it all down so you don't forget! It's such a great idea. I can't believe your daughter and the pancake fiasco. Hilarious! Oh and the PJ's to the store? SO something I would've done at that age! I'm glad you got your Black Friday purchases done so quickly. I'm impressed! I've never shopped on this day! I didn't realize you could be in and out so quickly :)

Shana said...

What a busy Thanksgiving week-end you all had. And remind me not to ask for teenagers to make me! :o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good weekend! I don't even want to imagine waking up to teenagers cooking in my kitchen!

Heather said...

What a great weekend! We didn't got to the drive through light show this year, I didn't see anything on it until that day and we already had a date night lined up. Glad you were able to enjoy it! Sounds like you had a nice thanksgiving weekend!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. I LOVED the picture of your grandparents together, so sweet!

Aisha said...

Hey KC, would you like to join our contest? :D

Lizzie said...

your recaps always make me want a nap (in a good way! i swear!) You are such a busy lady! Thanksgiving sounded fun too, i wish we had family close by.

Hope you have a great week.