Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Recap(weekend after Christmas 08)

WOW, have things been busy around here.. I want to give you all a Christmas Recap,but I'll wait till a little later in the week for that or this thing would be the longest post in all of history. So today I'll just stick with our weekend.

1)Friday December 26, 2008
The day after Christmas.. the kids woke me up bright and early(early in my house is between 7:30 and 8AM) They wanted to play with the new Wii they got for Christmas.. So I got it turned on and set up and we spent all day Friday(and I do mean ALL day) playing wii. Princess even had two friends over and they ended up spending the night and played also.. We bowled, we played tennis, we played baseball, we golfed and played the Wii play games(which Little Man seems to love) which has the fishing and the cow races. Mr Man took to the wrestling Raw vs Smack down 2009 game(rented that one), and Guitar Hero the older girls couldn't get enough of(one of Princess's friends brought it over) WE played Wii from 8am till 3am.. and oh my goodness was I tried the next morning.

If the pictures were not enough to show you the fun crazyness of Friday night here is a short video clip of Princess and her friend Kay waiting there turn for the wii.

2)Saturday December 27,2008
All 8 of us slept in that day. Little Man woke up at 9:30am and I forced myself out of bed by 9:45am since one of Princess's friends mom was picking her up at 10am, the rest of us laid around being lazy till close to noon.. at which time we thought we better get out and enjoy the weather. Remember last weekend I showed the temp from my van at 2 degrees with a wind chill of -30.. well this weekend we were about 60 degrees or more hotter.
Anyways we grabbed the kids(all except Princess who had went to spend the afternoon at a friends) and we hopped into the van and went to the lake. We went and visited one of the Island, I never even knew this Island was there but goodness after seeing it, I want to move there. I still Love Kelley's but if I won the lotto(guess I better start playing huh?LOL) I'm so moving to this Island. Here are some of the pictures from Johnson Island.

When we left the Island we stopped by the lighthouse on the mainland and I got these shots which I LOVE. 3)After the Lighthouse we drove over to let the kids play at there favorite park by the lake and we spent the rest of the afternoon there

We left the lake and hit the walmart close by to get our groceries. When we got there we found Wylie the Walleye there in the parking lot. If you don't know who Wylie is you can check him out HERE
Now I have never been watched Wylie drop but it always sounds like fun and we have talked about going many times but never wanted to stand outside in the cold with the kids.. and I like spending New Years Eve partying with my children so I don't want to leave them home.. but one day we might go do this.
This is a shot I got of the sun on the water as we were on the bridge coming home from Walmart I thought it looked so pretty.
4) As we were leaving walmart I got a phone call from my parents asking is we were going to be home.. We all have been talking since summer of redoing the girls bedroom and dad and mom thought now would be a good time LOL.. So we rushed it home and they came home. Took the girls out to pick there color paint and had DH and my Dad move there heavy stuff out of the way and we got started painting.. Got about half the room done Saturday night and saved the rest for a different day.

5)Sunday December 28, 2008
Woke up went to church, after church came home ate lunch and went back to painting the room. Got the new blinds hung(still need to get the drapes, girls need to make up there mind if they want purple or pink) Spent till 8pm painting and moving furniture around.. The room still is a mess and needs picked up so over look the mess of the room and just pull out the sunglasses when you view the new color of there room... once it is clean and they get there drapes.. I'll take more pictures to share. From 8pm to 11pm I loaded all the weekend pictures into the computer while I was playing Wii with the girls, Mr Man went and spent the night at my parent house. Then I came and started typing out this post.. Now I need to go add the pictures to this and once there in I'm posting it(how is that for a play by play LOL) I'll get to my Christmas Recap sometime soon..

Until then.. enjoy my weekend, I know I did.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.


palmtreefanatic said...

lots of buisness and great pics! cool room! I bet they love it!

Kristi said...

That green room looks extremely similar to our bright green and blue room upstairs. I love the pictures of the lighthouse.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I cannot believe how warm Ohio was--my kids and I felt ripped off when we got there and saw the bits of snow on the ground disappear in the RAIN.

It looks like another great weekend for y'all--belated Merry Christmas!

Courtney said...

Holy cow that room is GREEN!!! We are painting Callee's room in the next month. I think I figured out the color we want, but I want to be absolutely sure!