Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Recap (Dec 5-7, 2008)

Time for the weekend recap again.. Goodness this week went by fast. I didn't get that may blog post in this week either.. I guess I'll give a little update of why I wasn't blogging as much before I start the weekend recap.
On Wednesday I got myself to a doctor. I think I have mentioned that I was sick. I have been sick for a good 5 weeks if not more remember I spent my birthday (11/9/08) in bed. Well I have had a super nasty cough ever since to the point of really not being able to breath all that well and having fits of coughing where I can't stop. So It was time to see the doctor. Turns out I have Whooping cough.. so I started an antibiotic and a steroid and some super Strong cough meds on Wednesday.
Thursday I got called to go into work, it was my 1st time subbing for the school. I was called to sub in the preschool in the special ed class.. That was a fun day, but it was work.. I fell in love with the 5 little boys in the class and would have loved to bring them all home with me to care for. I worked 8:30 to 3:15 that day..
Friday I was so tired from playing all day with those kids the day before, and also the medicine makes me a little sleepy also, So after Princess was off to school I fell back to sleep on the couch until the alarm would go off to wake the rest of the kids up for school which I had the alarm set for 7:45am. ONLY at 7:30am I got a phone call asking if I could sub at one of the elementary schools as an educational aid. They needed me from 8:15am to 2:45pm. I said yes.. but really the only reason I could do that is that DH was home to get the kids off to school and stay with Little Man.. I got up and dressed and hair and make up all done in 15 minutes.. then woke the kids up at 7:45am Got them dressed and did there hair, because I knew DH would have got cloths that didn't match and there hair wouldn't have looked nice and neat.. I also got there breakfast on the table(cold cereal and milk) and laid there shoes and socks out signed there agendas and placed there book bags with there coats. and left the house at 8am. I got to the school at 8:10am It's a school I have never been in before so I had to find my way around.. but I got the hang of it. I had bus room duty from 8:15-9am then worked with the 3 kindergarten classes from 9 to 11am had lunch 11- 11:45am then covered the office from 11:45 to 1:15pm at 1:15- 2pm I worked in one 3rd grade class and 2pm to 2:45 I worked in another 3rd grade class.. It was a really fun day and the day went by so quickly.. Though when I got home the place looked like a tornado went though from DH playing with Little man all day long.

Friday night I got more of the Christmas decorating in the house done, Only rooms still needing decorated is the dinning room and kitchen. Then I went to bed early after taking my meds(they really do make me tired)

Saturday I had a some what relaxing day at home.. I cleaned the house, did laundry, got groceries, My parents stopped by and brought pizza. My dad got my old computer working and we spent the night hooking up a wireless network in our house so we can run all the computers on it.. Then Mr Man and Sweet Pea went and spent the night with my parents..

Sunday another day with nothing to really report. Little Man woke up sick, well I think he went to bed sick but in any case I ended up staying home from church with him. got more laundry done, read some books to the kids, colored and played, There was no awana's or PM church tonight which is good since I couldn't have went anyways.
So that was my not much going on at all weekend.

Now the kids did have some stuff.
Princess hung out with her friends at there favorite coffee house after school frieday and then had a sleep over to go to on Friday night. and Saturday afternoon she played basketball and went swimming at the Rec, Saturday night went to the high school basketball game Sunday had volleyball practices in the afternoon and then she still had her church youth group Sunday night.
Mr Man, had basketball Saturday morning, the start to the new season, then Saturday afternoon went Christmas shopping with my grandma and then went out with DH Saturday late afternoon and then Saturday night spent the night with my parents and Sunday afternoon after church went and spent the afternoon with my parents.

Sweet Pea played with her friends Friday night till dark, Spent the night at my parents Saturday night and went over there after church Sunday afternoon to spend the afternoon with her grandparents.

Little Man spent the day with DH on Friday and during that time got to go play on an indoor playground, Saturday night he started feeling sick and Sunday spent the whole day at home trying to keep him well.
Other things we did this weekend was watch Christmas movies
The Snow Queen
Polar Express
Grandma Got ran over by a reindeer
The Santa Clause
Annabell's Wish
Thomas the Tank video about the toy workshop.

I know this wasn't the most exciting weekend recap I have ever done, oh and can you get over me not taking a single picture this weekend????, oopes I guess I did take pictures of the cat but I posted those on Saturday night.

LOL LOL.. Ok I just said to Princess, "I forgot to take any pictures this weekend" and she said "I took some you can use them in your blog" so here are pictures Princess took of her weekend.
Princess and friend show off there colored tongues after having suckers while at the coffee house on Friday.
and Princess with her friends at the high school basketball game Saturday night.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. and if you posted about it in any way, shape or form.. Don't forget to Link it up to the Mr Linky below.

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Kristi said...

I think your list of Christmas movies this weekend surpassed ours. We did Muppet Christmas Carol, the Santa Claus, Snowden on Ice, and Wiggles Christmas.

palmtreefanatic said...

I like the cat photo!
I am so going to be ready for a "boring" relaxing weekend! This weekend has been just crazy!
I love watching movies wished to find some time to see some!
Happy evening!

Melissa said...

Hope your feeling better! Have a wonderful week.

Courtney said...

I have been sick and go to the doctors in a week. I hope you start feeling better soon, whooping cough is kind of scary isn't it?

Aisha said...

You have such a busy weekend :). Get well soon, KC!

simply divina said...

Hi KC,
Nice to read your blog.I just start to learn how to post on my blog and this is new to me. Soon I will be joining weekends recap.God bless!

TheCynicalOptimist said...

Cute photos!!! Sounds like a busy, festiv weekend!!