Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Recap (Dec 19-21, 2008)

I have had such a busy weekend, that as I sit here Sunday night typing this out I'm finding it hard to remember what I did on Friday.. Maybe I'm just losing my mind who knows LOL.

Okay, it is starting to come to me now..
Friday December 19, 2008


Thursday night and early Friday morning we had a big ice storm.. If you wish to see pictures of that you may click here
Because of this wonderful ice storm my kids were off school. Now normally this would make the kids extremely happy, I mean I have even heard them pray for snow days before going to bed, but none of them were too thrilled with having to miss the day before Christmas break.. They had Christmas cards they wanted to give there friends, and gifts for there teachers and Mr Man and Sweet Pea had classroom Christmas parties planned.. OH and did I mention I had like 2 dozen cookies and 2 dozen cupcakes for these parties. To keep the kids from being too bummed about no school we did a all day pig out on cookies and cupcakes as we played UNO pretty much all day long. We stayed in out PJ's and just had a really lazy day.. That was until Princess got a call asking her to go to the movies with a group of friends then she had to get dressed. but the rest of us did nothing all day.

Saturday December 20, 2008

Saturday morning I woke up early along with Princess picked up her friend K.D. and S.B. and drove them to where there youth group was meeting and they went and passed out Christmas gifts to families who needed them. They did that all morning and K.D.'s parents picked them up when it was over.. When I got home I had some running around town to do, then I fixed and early lunch we ate and I took Mr Man to basketball(his 1st game is in January) #3
DH stayed home with the younger two.. When we got back Princess was already home and my FIL had stopped by for a visit.. While FIL was here Princess talked him into letting her go and spend the night at his house and then talked him into letting her have a friend spend the night over there also, and Then have Grandpa take them to a basketball game.. Grandpa was a push over and said yes, but he had to go shopping first. After Princess made her plans with FIL and MIL, Mr Man called my parents to see if he could spend the night with them, they never tell the kids no(well not to often) So Mr Man had his plans for the night.. So a bit later DH and myself had all 4 kids plus one in the van and was heading into the town we grew up in. We dropped Mr Man off at my parents, and took Princess and her friend M.K. over to DH's parents.. Then DH, the two younger kids and myself went on hunt for a nice red sort of dressy, top for Sweet Pea to wear for Sunday and for Christmas eve and Christmas day.. I have mentioned before I'm a little behind this year.. normally I have the kids Christmas outfits by November, but not this year.. A few weeks ago I got the boys shirts and ties(I was planning on letting Little Man wear one of Mr Man's old suits but when I found matching ties I changed my mind)and Princess had her outfit ahead of time.. They all had red but Sweet Pea didn't have red, she had red basic top but it wasn't really dressy and she wanted to wear a black skirt like her big sister planned to do and her skirt was velvet so I needed something sort of dressy.. I had looked a few weeks ago but didn't find anything.. So last night we hit a few stores and we found something we both were happy with. PLUS it was 75% off.. Got to LOVE that..
Sunday December 21, 2008
IT WAS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woke up Sunday to extream wind, we were under wind advisory and super duper(lol like that word)low temps.. it was 10 degrees but with wind chill was like -15 outside.. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and it only got colder..
Sunday morning was church and our candle light service. After church we had the church Christmas dinner and gift exchange. .. We had a wonderful time.. Though during the candle light service I thought Little Man was going to burn the place down.. some wax dripped on his hands and he yelled ouch and dropped is lite candle onto a pew.. YIKES... thankfully he wasn't hurt to badly and the flame on the candle went out before it hit the pew.. Though I need to go back to the church someone soon and clean the wax off the pew.. Here is a slide show from our time spent with the church family today

When we got home around 3pm, we were home for about 10 minutes when due to the super high winds(40 to 50 mph) we lost electric.. It was out a good 2 hours and made our house like an ice box.. you know no heat when there is no electric.. I mean we heat with gas but need the electric to kick the furnace on.. can we just say BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr...
after an hour of no power it was time to take Princess to youth group anyways.. So we left and did that.. (no PM church for us tonight just the youth group Christmas party)
While Princess was at youth group DH and I went grocery shopping and when we got into the van this is what the outside temp read and with the high winds it was more like -25 Then you had Princess' s goofy friends K.D. and S.B not wearing coats tonight... WHAT IS WRONG with these girls???????? Princess tried to go out with just a lite jacket and I was having no part of that she wasn't leaving the house until she was bundled Who lets there kids outside with no jacket on in this weather.. I mean those girls would have froze to death or got frost bit if we would have had an accident or something and they had to stand outside for any amount of time.. ~sigh~ this is all besides the point..
When we got home Sunday night our power was back on.. but the house was still really really cold and took forever to get warm in here again.. Right now we are at a true temp of -1 and a wind chill of like -28/-30 IT IS COLD..
So the rest of my night is just going to be spend trying to stay warm...
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend...

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Midlife Mom said...

We got the ice like you guys did. About 20,000 homes lost power. We were lucky we didn't but some were without power for 3 or 4 days! Yikes! Loved all your pictures of your church Christmas party. Looks like you have a close church family like we do. Our church service was canceled last night due to the blizzard that we were having. I think we got close to two feet of snow! I know what you mean about kids going out with just light coats on. They don't realize how dangerous it can be in these cold climates. We went out to dinner Friday night and this young man walked in the restaurant with NO COAT on! I would have been frozen! We had -17* wind chill yesterday! We sure are going to have a white Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your family KC! xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

making the most of your weekend!
The frozen temps are just too much for me! Take me to "The Palms"

marky said...

I love reading your weekend re-caps!