Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Recap(Dec 12-14, 2008)

Hello blogging friends.. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a fun and busy weekend. Last weekend I didn't have all that much to post about and I didn't take any pictures.. This weekend I think I could write a book and I started the weekend with a full battery in my camera and by Saturday night It needed recharged. Oh this reminds me I have been getting some really awful pictures lately because my flash hasn't been working in my camera.. This whole time I thought it was my camera.. turns out It's the batteries. DUH.. when i have fully charged batteries it works like a charm.. Guess I need to get myself more chargeable batteries and change them out when ever the flash stops working. OK Back to the weekend.
Friday November 12, 2008

I had worked pretty much every day this week and I had a ton of things that needed to get done on Friday, meetings, appointments, baking, banking, groceries, cleaning, laundry, and a Christmas party cookie exchange.. So in the morning I got all the running that needed done, done. Around noon we were putting groceries away and cooked lunch feed, DH and Little Man and sat down to have a bit myself. Then the afternoon was filled with cookie baking.. I ended up cooking 12 dozen cookies. Finished up just in time to pick the kids up from school.. Well that wasn't exactly true.. I had to leave while the last batch was in the oven so I left DH in charge of pulling them out.
The kids got home and I talked with them found out how there days were and then started to cook dinner early.. I feed everyone early and then got dressed for my party. Before I left DH and Princess had to run to pick up Princess's friend Kay who was spending the night Friday night. Then it was off to Heathers house.. You all know Heather Right.. If not check out her blog.
Before I left Sweet Pea asked if she could take a picture with my camera,(she saw me putting the new batteries in it) So I said sure and here is the picture she took.
We all had a wonderful time, eating some very yummy food and playing a little Christmas trivia and sitting around getting all caught up.. oh yea and can't forget exchanging some yummy cookies. Here are the pictures I took from our time there.. I can't wait to see the pictures Heather took..

Here is a picture of Heather taking a picture of me.. LOL I haven't seen the picture she ended up with yet.. I fear it might be scary :)
I'm sure the rest of the ladies there thought we were a little crazy.. we were the only two running around the place with camera in hand, but then again we are the only bloggers who were there. Here we are both of us with our cameras held up snapping a picture of us together.. see she is looking at her camera and me at mine.. too funny.
Isn't Heathers Christmas tree pretty.
We each got a gift as we walked in the door.. fun little festive Christmas socks that we were to wear during the party.. I thought it would be a fun idea to get all our feet together and take a picture of our new socks.. But we forgot to do it.. but when I got home I thought I would still get a picture of mine.. So here they are.. Now just how cute are these. If I was numbering my weekend into the top five to add my post into Kristie's weekend meme also.. Everything I just wrote would be #1
#2 would come once I got home.
So here is #2
You all remember from last week's weekend recap I have Whooping cough. I have finished my antibiotic's and the steroids the doctor game me and I still have the cough meds to finish up.. But I still have a really bad cough and when I'm out in the cold it is still really hard to breath.. Well after driving home in the cold from Heathers house I was having a really hard time breathing and had another really bad coughing fit.. So I asked DH(who was just eating dinner don't know why he waited so long) if he could go get me some cough drops and some vicks rub.. I thought that might be helpful.. he said he would after he got done eating..
He yelled into Princess and her friend that he was heading out to walmart and if anyone wanted to go they could. They said they wanted to but they needed to get dressed 1st.. Here is the outfits they picked out and got dressed into to head to walmart on Friday night.
Even Sweet Pea got in on the action.
DH saw these crazy girls and shook his head and said, I'm not taking them, if they want to go like that you can take them.. LOL.. so I did.. at 11:30PM on Friday night I took two crazy 7th graders and a crazy 1st grader to walmart.. where Princess had some fun with her camera phone.. here is short slide show from our time at walmart.

And that was Friday.
Saturday December 13, 2008
Saturday morning Mr Man had basketball practices which DH took him too, while I stayed home with the other 4 kids and got them dressed and myself dressed for the day. Once Mr Man and DH got home Princess and Kay took Sweet Pea to McDonald's to play, DH stayed home with Little Man and Mr Man and I went Christmas shopping with my grandma. Grandma wanted to finish up her Christmas shopping for the kids and wanted me to come along so she could see if I thought the kids would like the stuff. The only one she still needed to shop for was Little Man who loves trains.. so this was easy.. one stop at toys r us and we were done.. Then we hit the mall because I needed to get a red Cami for Princess and I was hoping to find a nice red dressy sort of top for Sweet Pea but had no such luck.. I want them all in red tops for Christmas and I still don't have one for Sweet Pea. After shopping we had a late lunch and then came home.#4
After I got back from shopping Saturday afternoon.. I went and picked up Princess and Kay who had gone swimming and we took Kay home.. We came back home and I rested a bit and then I got the kids dressed and we loaded up the van headed over to pick up two of Princess's friends Kay(again) and Q. Then we took off to a town near ours to look at there down town Christmas lights and to visit with Santa. The lights were great beautiful as ever, except IT WAS FREEZING COLD and no one wanted to walk around and pose in front of the different light displays for me.. So we did alot of driving around looking at them instead of walking though them. Then we stopped by the Santa house they have there.. My goal was to get a great picture of my 4 kids with Santa.. This never happened.. Little Man would have no part of going to see Santa.. not even when the other kids did.. he was crying so badly that DH took him back to the car.. So I had three teenagers going to see Santa.. a 9 year old how stopped believing in Santa 2 years ago seeing Santa.. and my very shy I'll stand next to him for a picture but I'm not going to say one darn word to the man, going to see Santa.. It was a fun night.. but I didn't get what I went out for and that was a good Santa pic with my 4.. instead these are the shots I got.

We came home and the kids watched A year without a Santa clause or one of those movies.. then we watched the Conicals of Narnia Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. Then went to bed.


#5 Sunday December 14, 2008

Sunday when the alarm went off I turned it off thought I would rest my eyes just a second.. which turned into 25 minutes OOPES.. I got the kids up and rushed and rushed to get them dress so we could make it to Sunday school on time.. but when it was time to leave they were all dressed but I was still in my PJ's... so we didn't make Sunday school... However since I had all 4 kids home and dressed nicely all at the same time.. I used this extra time to try to get a nice Christmas picture of the 4 of them... It really didn't go as well as past years, but it will do and I can start getting some Christmas cards ready to get out.. here is the whole bunch of the shots I got today. UGH.. 4 kids who don't want there picture taken made for a fun time.

None of them were really great.. but I think if I crop the last one it will work.. what do you all think??
The rest of Sunday was pretty normal stuff.. AM Church, home to hang at the house and to start working on the Weekend Recap Sunday afternoon... Then PM church and youth group for Princess in the evening... The kids right now are watching The Santa Clause 2 and I taped Snow and I'm taping Snow 2 right now.. so some time this week I'll have a few more Christmas movies to watch.. I love me some Hallmark, ABC family and all those other crazy Christmas movies they snow this time a year..

Not sure how much I'll be online this week, just depends on how many times I get called by the school to sub.. If I'm home I will get around to visiting every ones blog.. sorry I haven't stopped by very often over the last two weeks..
Now go post about your weekend and come back here and link it up.. I will get around to all of you who link up sometime before I go to bed Monday.. :)
Have a wonderful week.
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Jean said...

I think the last pic is just fine for the Christmas card.
I also think it's funny that Princess likes to get decked out for Wally World. I'm sure that she actually looks pretty normal for the 11:30PM crowd. :)

palmtreefanatic said...

hehehehe! nice pics!
you were brave to take them to walmart looking like that;)

try vics vapor rub on your feet next time with some warm socks! it is supposed to do wonders for colds and caughs!

Shana said...

I somehow missed that you were sick in last weeks post. I am sorry to hear that. I have had a crazy cough since before Thanksgiving, it just won't go away.


Courtney said...

Sounds like a fun time. Definitely busier than last weekend.

MomOf3 said...

I love the pictures you got of your kiddos!!