Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Recap March 27-29,2009

Time for the Weekend Recap for March 27-29, 2009. WOW is it really the end of March already.. where is the time going?

Friday March 27, 2009
I had the night alone with just me and my hubby who really isn't feeling well.
Friday night Princess spend the evening with friends and then spent the night with my grandparents. After school I took the boys to my parents house.. Dad bought all these haircuts with his barber for him and the boys so when they need haircuts my dad takes them. So the boys were spending the night with them Friday for haircuts in the morning on Saturday. Sweet Pea was invited to spend the night with her friend Alexis on Friday night.. So I had the night alone with my hubby. Thought we would have a date night only DH ended up not feeling very well.. So we ate dinner and then went to walmart and got all the stuff we needed to fill Easter baskets.. Then came home. I put the DVD player in our bedroom and we laid in bed watching movies.
Also on Friday I did end up getting the lamp shades to replace the ones that broke over the last few weeks.
Got lighter color ones so the light would come though better and brighten up the room more at night.. Now the task of keeping them clean and stain free from little fingers.. wish me luck.

Saturday March 28, 2009
Saturday was nice because I got to sleep in till 10:30am then I took a shower not expecting any kids home until between lunch and dinner time.. but my parents brought the boys back home at 11am because Mr Man wanted to get home and ready for his friend Josh who was spending Saturday night with us. Though Josh wasn't coming over till 6pm LOL. Sweet Pea got home at 2pm and she had plans for Saturday night also.. her friend Taylor was spending the night with us and she was coming at 6pm. Princess and my grandma went shopping Saturday afternoon and Grandma got her home about 6:30PM and She had a birthday party to be at from 7pm to 11pm. DH rented the Wii Monopoly game for the kids to play and we all had fun playing that.
Unlike normal sleepovers I had to have a bedtime for the kids because of church in the morning. so at 9pm I put the boys in the boys room and started a movie and put the girls in the girls room and started a movie.. by 11pm they all were asleep. But between 9pm and 11pm Barry and I played the Wii Monopoly LOL.. I was kicking his butt but he turned the game off when he was about ready to lose and was all like "what I have to go pick up Princess " Yea whatever sore loser. Princess got home and went to bed.. I should have done the same.. I did go lay in bed.. but while DH was flipping though channels I saw the Notebook was on and I LOVE that movie so we watched that and I went to bed way to late.

Here are some pictures from Saturday night. the boys playing Wii the girls on the computer. the girls on Wii and everyone in there beds watching movies before going to sleep.

Princess had a few pictures from the party on her cell phone so I sent myself two of them to add to my post today here they are.

Sunday March 29, 2009
Sunday morning came really early. Had to be up earlier when you have 6 kids to get dressed, But we were up, feed, and dressed and out the door by 9AM for Sunday school and church and was back home dropping off the extra kids by 12:45PM. DH and Princess was asked to help out this newer softball team hold tryouts so from 2pm to 4pm they were up at the rec center in town helping with tryouts for this newer travel tournament softball team, which Princess wouldn't mind playing for but she has to stay with the team she is on since some extremely nice person who wanted to remain anonymous paid her player fee in full, after DH was laid off. So maybe we will keep this newer team in mind for next year depending on what is going on by then. They got home a little after 4pm and by 4:30 her friend Kate and Shay were being dropped off at our house because it was our turn to drive them to youth group. So DH took off with them at 4:30 and I took the younger kids to awana's.. Little Man was so tired from the weekend that he was clingy so I ended up sitting in his Cubby class with him and not going to the PM church service. We were all home by 7:30pm ate dinner and I had all 4 kids in bed by 8pm they were all asleep by 9pm and I went and laid in bed reading till abut 10:30pm when I got up and got ready for bed and then there was something on the 11pm news I wanted to watch so I watched that.. Then read for another hour and then went to bed.

I'm still really tired now.. Even though my weekend wasn't all that exciting as far as running here and there.. I'm just super tired.. DH isn't feeling well at all and he is now running a fever.. I do hope I"m not getting what he has..

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. If you posted about it in any way shape or form.. link up so I can be sure to come and read about it.

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