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Weekend Recap March 6-8, 2009

WOW.. I think I might really get my weekend recap posted this weekend.. With the plans I had for this weekend I didn't think it was going to happen again because we were going to be at a volleyball tournament this weekend.. but that didn't happen so here I sit on Sunday night working on my recap.
Friday March 6, 2009
Sweet Pea had her grandparents breakfast at school this day.. She was tired and I think i would have kept her home in the morning as not to wear her out and get her sick again if it wouldn't have been grandparents day. She had woke up with a bad dream or so she says(might have just wanted to crawl in bed with mom) at 5AM and at 5:20AM when the alarm went off she was still awake and she stayed awake even though my mom wasn't picking her up for school until 7:45am so by that time she was more then tired and add to that the Mono still wearing her out.. I really wanted to keep her home but she wanted to go. Here are a few shots I took before school

My mom took the kids to breakfast at the school and waiting there for them was my MIL and my grandparents. A few month ago was Mr Man's grandparents breakfast but Friday was for K-2 grade so it was Sweet Pea's turn.. here are a few pictures my mom took while there.
Sweet Pea with her BFF.

My grandma in the red and my MIL turning her head.

This last shot is of Sweet Pea with my Grandparents her great grandparents.
After the grandparents were done at the school my mom stopped over and asked if I wanted to go shopping with her.. I said sure and started to get Little Man dressed when DH said.. you don't have to take him with you I can watch him and do something with him.. WOW a day of shopping with no kids.. there might be something good about him being laid off LOL... So my mom and I went shopping.. getting Mr Man some new pants which he was in need of and getting the kids some Easter stuff. and then my mom took me to lunch.. and we were home shortly after the kids got home from school.
While we were gone DH took Little Man to burger king to play on the playground and took him to the train museum. He had my cell phone with him and took a couple of picture of that.

Friday night I stayed home with Little Man, Sweet Pea went and spent the night with my Grandma(her great grandma) DH took Mr Man out with him to the lake to hang out a bit and the two of them did the grocery shopping before coming home(they got home before 8pm) and Princess went to her friend Q's birthday parent which I had to pick her up from around 9:30pm
and that was Friday.
Saturday March 7, 2009
Nothing really exciting this day. Sweet Pea spend the whole day over at my grandma's playing with her friend B. After Lunch DH took Princess, well more like he was the taxi driver LOL for Princess and her two friends who went to a bigger mall about an hour and something east of us. where they acted like teenage girls :-) They made it home about 7pm ready for dinner. ONLY Princess said she didn't feel very well took her shower and went to bed.
A little before 7pm my parents had stopped by and picked up the boys and then went and picked up Sweet Pea from my grandma's. My parents were keeping them because we needed to leave by 5:30am to get to Cleveland for Princess's volleyball tournament..
I had spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry and getting somewhat caught up online.
we all went to bed early Saturday night so we could wake up early Sunday.
Sunday March 8, 2009
Princess woke up at 4:something AM. saying she wasn't feeling well at all, I felt her head and she was hot.. I took her temp and it was 101.5 I told her I didn't think she would be doing volleyball today, gave her Tylenol and sent her back to bed. about an hour later when the alarm went off I thought I would check to see how she was going and make up our mind on the Volleyball tournament. instead of her fever going down.. This is what it was.
and yes I grabbed my cell phone to snap this picture at 5:10AM because I wanted something to blog about this weekend since I knew there would be no volleyball tournament to fill my weekend recap up with something exciting LOL. I turned the camera to get a picture of my oldest girl who looked like death warmed over..ONLY she yelled at me and told me she would never forgive me if I took a picture of her sick. So this is all you get of that. She is still running a 102 fever. It comes down to 101. something with Tylenol but goes right back up when it wears off.. she hasn't left the bed but once today and that was to use the bathroom. This is really weird this fever stuff she keeps getting.. this is the 7th high fever and day she has been sick in the last month.. but it's only like she gets sick then is fine for a few days then it comes back.. Yet.. we know it's not the flu, strep throat or Mono(that is what she has been tested for over the last 2 weeks)
Anyways.. since she was sick and we were not going to make it to the tournament I got up and got dressed for church.. I was going wearing my new glasses this morning to church.. and you my blog readers were on my mind.. It hit me that I promised you all a picture of the new glasses and I never got around to taking one.. So I got the cell phone again and tried to get a good self portrait of me in my new glasses.. THAT didn't happen.. but I got some not so good ones of me in them.. so here they are.. me taking my own picture before church this morning.

After morning service we had a little fellowship to celebrate the churches anniversary. When I went down stairs to get Little Man out of his class he was a little happy to see me he hadn't seen me since Saturday night about 6:30pm. My mom had her camera with her and caught this.
After the fellowship.. Mr Man and Sweet Pea went home with my grandparents to spend the afternoon with them, Little Man was not leaving my side so he came home with me..
Driving home it was awful wet and raining.. but then it was that way going to church also.. but since I was still looking for stuff to blog about.. I was stopped by a red light(the only red light in the town I go to church at) so I snapped another picture with my cell phone and while I was looking at the rain after snapping the shot I said.. I bet we get a big flood. Got home to find out we were under flood warnings.

Princess was still in bed feeling awful(did I mention she was in my bed) So after feeding everyone lunch and Little Man left my side to go play on his own.. I laid down in bed with Princess and read a couple of hours.(have I mention my obsession for the twilight books LOL)
While I was reading my mom called and told me it was a good things we were not at the volleyball tournament and she didn't have the kids(which were the plan for this afternoon) because her yard was flooding.. like all good bloggers, oopes I mean concerned daughters I told her to go take some pictures so I had something to blog about LOL.... So here are the pictures she sent me of what her yard looked like this afternoon.

When she called me I saw that Pirates of the Caribbean was just starting.. and since that is another one of my obsessions I had to stop reading and watch it.. It was the 1st one I haven't seen that one in a little while(can't remember where we put the DVD LOL) I got to watch about an hour of it before I had to get ready for PM Church/ Awana's
It was the 1st time in 6 weeks that Sweet Pea was able to go to Awana's though she wasn't very happy about the fact that she wasn't aloud to do any of the games.. Doctor still has her on the restriction of no running, jumping, anything that she could mess up her spleen with, so still no gym or recess for her either. but her leader came up to me and was flood that the girl after 6 weeks of being gone did 7 sections in her book tonight. Though I thought she knew 8 of them.. I'll have to look at it to see if I was wrong or if she just didn't do one of them.
Before leaving for church tonight DH was looking at picture I had on the camera and he snapped this picture of me as we were about to leave..
Yea, no new glasses tonight.. I still get dizzy when I wear them all day long.. I like my contact anyways :-)
After church we ate dinner and got the kids ready for bed and then I started working on getting pictures loaded and writing this post.. and that is how I spent Sunday.
So there you have it... My Weekend.
hope you all had a good weekend.

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Carol VR said...

Wow what a change in hair style. It looks great as do the new glasses.

I tryed looking for a new pair a bit back and I couldn't find anything I particularly liked. Perhaps I will have to try again.

palmtreefanatic said...

you look great with and with out glasses!:)

my lots of rain! That boat looks ready to sail!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oh my word, all that flooding!

Your bangs and glasses are adorable.

Courtney said...

Both of my kids are doing what Princess is...fever then fine then fever. It's so frustrating, but it's "just a virus." I am so tired of these virus' this winter.