Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday 13 (Princess's AC county tournament)

Back on March 3, 2009 Princesses Academic Challenge team had our County wide tournament. it was an all day thing with all the schools in the county competing. Here are 13 pictures from that day.

#1 Princess in her 1st round.

#2 Lunch time

#3 break time.

#3 talking about what to answer.
#5 listening to the question.
#6 Picking there answer again.

#7 some more of our team members.

#8 Princess with the rest of the team.
#9 about to pick another answer.

#10 waiting to see who Won.,

#11 It was US!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#12 The County Champions for the 3 year straight. They will advance to the tri county match(which is the highest you can go) on March 24, 2009

#13 Our 8th grade team also won and here they are with our 7th grade team.

Happy Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment!

Jen said...

Yay for winning! Congrats to her! Seriously so cool! I haven't been by in awhile and I'm LOVING catching up! I love all the slide shows and pics! You guys have so much fun!

Marz said...

Congratulations to her!!!
Awesome pics as usual :-)

Midlife Mom said...

Congratulations to Princess and the rest of the team!!! Way to go!!