Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another update.

Hi guys,
I have just been way to busy to blog, for that I'm sorry.
I thought I would give you all a quick update and maybe get some pictures and such added later in the week.

We had a good weekend but I didn't find the time to do a weekend recap.
Friday I was sick again, I woke up got the kids to school and I went back to bed. It was 9:30am when I fell back to sleep and I didn't wake up till 1:30pm.. I know Right?!?!?!
Guess I really must have needed that sleep.. because by Saturday I felt good and I haven't felt sick since(well unless you count something I ate Sunday but that doesn't really count)

Saturday was a fun day I took Mr Man and Sweet Pea to the $1 theater, and my new glasses came in.. I'm so excited about them.. DH thinks they make me look like I'm trying to be young but according to Princess they make me look old. SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!.. I hardly wear glasses anyways I like me my contacts.. but I now have some fun glasses for days I feel like a change.. No pictures of them yet, I'll work on it though.

Sunday was Princess's 1st of 6 volleyball tournaments. They did really well took 1st in the lower bracket.. but since they ended up in the lower bracket they only ended up taking 5th place over all for both brackets. But still a great tournament. ONLY it made for a very long day we left the house at 6:something AM and didn't get home till 9:30PM (one of the reasons for no weekend recap this week)

Monday I did laundry and rested.. didn't feel really sick but was so worn out from Sunday I didn't feel much like getting online.

That brings us to Today Tuesday.
I spent from 9am till 2pm at Princess's Academic Challenge tournament.. It was the County wide tournament with all the schools in the county.. This is Princess' 3rd year in Academic Challenge.. in 5th grade they won the county in 6th grade the won the county and Today they made a THREE PETE.... and WON the County AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pictures to come of that and the volleyball tournament when I have time to get them ready for viewing) I got home at 2:something PM but had to go pick Princess up from school by 2:30pm we got home with enough time for me to turn back around and go pick up Mr Man and Sweet Pea from school. We got home at 3:30Pm and I cooked a fast and healthy(SNORT) dinner of hot dogs and we were out the door by 4pm Princess and DH off to her softball pract. and Me to drop off Little Man and Sweet Pea at my grandma's while I took Mr Man off to his 1st indoor soccer of the year..
The Soccer went well, his team won 5-3 Next game is next Tuesday.
After Soccer I dropped Mr Man off with the younger 2 at grandma and went to a homeowners meeting that was going on to give people information about all the difference help that is out there during the economic times we are in.. figured it might be useful now that DH is laid off.. I got some really good information and meet some people who can help me if we find we need it in the future... and SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh don't tell my kids because I think one of them is going to get it as a gift.. But they had a drawling for an Ipod and I WON!!!!!!!!!!

LOL yes alot of winning going on today... They also gave us a $10 walmart card for going tonight.. So I walked away an hour later with alot of info a $10 giftcard and an IPod.. not bad for an hour of my time :-)
I got back to pick up my kids at 7:something PM and home a bit after 7:30pm here we are now pushing 11pm and I'm heading to bed because I"m sooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired again..

So hopefully I'll get back into this blogging thing sometime in the near future.. but tomorrow looks like another busy day for me with Little Man's speech and story time and My house.. OH ME my house.. I can't find a clean spot in it right now..(comes from DH being home now and leaving him home with Little Man all day today.. YIKES.. must get this man house broke while he is off work)

Hope you all are well.. Miss you my dear blogging friends..

almost forgot my parents made it back from TX on Saturday early evening and by late Saturday evening my 3 younger ones were there spending the night LOL.
ALSO when I got home tonight I got a phone call from the doctors letting me know that the blood work that Princess had last Wednesday came back and she DOES NOT have Mono.. Thank goodness... Sweet Pea seems to be doing much better with her Mono.. she still get tired but the last two day has made it though a whole day of school.
OK think I covered everything now.. night..

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Courtney said...

Glad to hear from you & no wonder why you haven't been blogging. I'm glad people seem to be on the mend & you are still in my prayers for hubby's job situation.

Kristi said...

I wish I had some winning luck like that. I am sorry to hear that the sickies still haven't found their way out of your house yet. It sure has been a rough winter.

Marz said...

Sorry you've been sick but I'm glad you're feeling better.
Sometimes it's just nice to take a break from blogging.
When it becomes a chore then it's time to break away for a while.
As you can see I do it or sometimes I do it because there is not much going on in my life, lol.
Congrats on the wins!!!

Lizzie said...

you are such a busy girl!!

congrats on winning the Ipod, very cool :)

Mama C said...

Why aren't you keeping the ipod? I never leave home without mine.

congrats on all the winnings.