Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thirteen(3/26/09)

13 ways I have been spending my time this week.


1)Occupational Therapy evolution for Little Man(and yes they do think he could use the OT but he will only be able to get one in before the insurance is gone)

2) Speech Therapy with Little Man

3) started shopping for lamp shades for my living room since both of mine broke over the last week.


4)Academic Challenge tournament for Princess

5)Doctor appt for Sweet Pea(recheck on the Mono)

6)Softball Pitching practice for Princess

7) Soccer Game for Mr Man


8) Another Speech Therapy for Little Man(normally went 3 times a month but we are trying to get as many in as we can before the insurance is gone)

9) Meeting with the people to get the ball rolling on getting medical coverage since DH's insurance is gone at the end of this month.

10) Ran to the bank and bought some printed paper checks since I forgot to order the normal ones and I needed a few to tie me over till the new ones come in.

11) Did laundry.


12) will be taking Mr Man to the dentist

13) will need to stop and take Princess's bathing suit I just got her back to the store because the top is too short and part of her tummy shows and that will not work for camp this summer or any other youth group swimming activity she may go to.

So there you have it.. my list of 13 this week. to see a list of the others joining along in the T-13 this week click HERE

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Heather said...

busy,busy I'm glad you will have some coverage once his insurance stops. I never have much time online these days, we need a catch up:)

Brenda ND said...

Sounds like you have your hands full, but it's good to be busy. Happy TT!

melanie said...

Wow- sounds like you are busy!! That is too bad that you are going to lose your insurance- but good that you are able to find something else.