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Weekend Recap March 13-15,09

Happy St Patty's Day.... I"m just a few days behind but thought I should get started on My Weekend Recap. So here Goes.
Friday March 13, 2009
It was my BIL's birthday.. So Happy Belated Birthday there Dave... Don't worry I did wish him a happy birthday on that day. ;-)
I woke up that day not really sick, but Dizzy.. really really Dizzy.. the room was just spinning and not only spinning sort of had that I'm stuck out on a boat bobbing up and down feeling also.. It was AWFUL!!! I woke DH up and told him he was going to have to get the kids to school because there was no way in the world I could even stand let alone drive them to school... I felt that way all morning and into the afternoon.. when I got really thirsty and DH had taken Little Man off to get groceries for me.. So I crawled into the kitchen and was too sick and lazy to get a glass so I just grabbed a can of pop.. I drank half the can and the dizziness was gone.. Don't know if it was the surge or the caffeine that did it but something in that pop made everything stop spinning and let me feel so much better..
That is pretty much all I did on Friday LOL.. I guess I did play taxi mom again.. at 5pm I had to drive and pick up Princess and her friends from the coffee house, at 5:30pm I had to drive and pick up Sweet Pea from grandma's house and bring her home then at 6pm I had to take Mr Man to his friends house for a birthday sleep over.. when I got home Princess had talked daddy into taking her and her friends to the Mall.. So I spent a few hours with the younger two.. but that was all she wrote for Friday.

Saturday March 14, 209
We woke up ate breakfast, got dressed, packed up the bags, ate lunch and loaded up the van and headed an hour or so West. Got a hotel room which had a really great deal going the room and 4 passes to the water park which was in the same parking lot, we bought two extra tickets at a discounted rate of $10 and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at the water park. Here are some pictures from our time there though we don't have any really great ones because I was in the water the whole time.. not only in the kiddie section with Little Man but also on some super fun big water slides with Princess and Mr Man. But I think my favorite part was the hot tub LOL.

After swimming and sliding we ordered a pizza took it back to the room ate, got showered and had everyone in bed by 9pm because we had to be up before 6am to have Princess at the University of the city we were at by 7am for her Volleyball tournament.

Sunday March 15, 2009
The alarm went up at 5:something AM and I looked over at all the worn out sleeping kids and thought of poor Sweet Pea tied alot anyways as she is getting over Mono and I couldn't bring myself to wake them up that early.. So I woke up DH and Princess and told them to go ahead without us.. not knowing if I would end up just missing one of her volleyball games or two of them.. but it turns out I only missed one.. The kids slept in till 9am and we went and had the continental breakfast which wasn't much of anything but I guess better then nothing when your only paying an inexpressive rate on a tiny little no thrills room. but the kids had a donut and DH was back for us by 10AM and we were off back to Princess's tournament.
It was a great tournament could have been a tad bit better if we wouldn't have lost. But we did end up taking 3rd place in the gold bracket(which is 3rd for the whole tournament) The pictures inside the gym didn't turn out very well but here is a blurry slide show(due to gym lighting and my not so expensive camera) of the Volleyball.

between matches it was nice and the kids were board so DH took them on a walk and took the camera with him.

When it was all said and done we were pulling into our driveway at home just a tad before 9PM We unloaded the van and got the three older kids in bed and I took off with Little Man and headed the 30 minutes over to my parents house.. He was spending the night there because on Monday I had to take the girls to the dentist and my mom was taking Little Man to his speech for me.. After dropping him off I got home about 10pm and I just crashed.. and slept well.
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