Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Recap March 20-23 09

Just a little late getting my weekend recap up and posted.. another busy weekend for me.. and an even more busy Monday.. So onto the weekend.

Friday March 20, 2009

Friday was my mom's birthday so Happy Belated Birthday Mom...

honestly I don't remember what I did on Friday though out the day.. LOL now that is bad.. sitting here Monday evening and I can't remember back till Friday morning.

Friday evening Princess had a friend spend the night and Sweet Pea had a friend spend the night and Mr Man went to his friends birthday sleepover(yes 2nd weekend in a row for one of his friends having a sleepover LOL) and Little Man just hung out bugging the girls.

around 7:30pm the older girls wanted to go to blockbusters to rent a Wii game(Wii sing Disney boy did they all have fun with that all weekend) So DH took them to get it and he came back with a surprise movie for the two of us.. and also with one of my favorite movie treats from way back when we were dating.

What a sweet man I married.. The Plan for Friday night/midnight Saturday morning was to go to the Twilight DVD Release Party at walmart and since DH knew I was excited about this.. while he was at blockbusters he also picked me up this.. just more sweetness from him.

So the kids all gathered into the girls bedroom with The Wii and sang Disney songs for the rest of the night.

I had planned to head to Walmart around 11:30pm but at 11pm I got a phone call from my friend who was already there with her 13 year old DD and friends telling me I needed to get over there now because the line was already 4 aisles long weaving in and out like you would see at Cedar Point. So I placed the 1st grade girls in bed and turned on a movie for them and the 7th grade girls and I threw our coats on and ran out the door. We got right in line at the end of the 4th aisle right as it started to turn into a 5th. by the time 12:01AM rolled around I think there were at least 10 more aisles of people behind us.. we got our movie and was home by 12:30pm and watching Twilight by 12:45AM.

That was it for Friday..

Saturday March 21, 2009

Saturday was my Grandma's 76th birthday.. Happy belated Birthday to you grandma...

Saturday morning Sweet pea and her friend were up at 7:30AM UGH.. not fun when you stayed up till wee hours in the morning watching a movie..

But then I played short order cook younger girls wanted omelets, older ones sunny side up, 3 year old scrambled and all with the sausage patties. LOL.

at 11AM I was picking up Mr Man at noon taking Princess and her friend to her friends house.. where they were taking off to a huge indoor water park for the friends Birthday party.. Didn't see Princess until Sunday afternoon from that point..

around 12:30pm dropped off Sweet Pea's friend and came home and rested a bit..

later on in the afternoon DH was sick of being around the house.. He is so not use to being at home day in and day out.. So we took the 3 younger kids an hour south and walked the mall and spent at least an hour at the mall playground letting the kids play.. Then stopped by to visit with his parents and some family who were in from out of state spent a few hours there.. Then stopped by my parents where Mr Man was wanting to spend the night so we dropped him off.

Then we headed home.. and that was Saturday.

Sunday March 23, 2009

no birthday that I know of this day ;-)

Woke up went to church came home cooked lunch. tried to take a nap but every time I started to drift off someone yelled "MOM" so I gave up and made strawberry pretzel crust dessert..
Even while making dessert the 3 younger ones kept yelling "Mom" then it hit me I hadn't heard from Princess in about an hour or so.. So I went into her room to see what she was up too and if she needed anything and this is how I found her.
Fell asleep while snacking on Goldfish and root bear right in the middle of her floor while she was watching TV. She did wake up with enough time to do her hair and make up before having to head out to youth group Sunday night.
And on the topic of Sunday night.. I brought the camera out to load these pictures onto the computer before church ONLY DH was on the computer so I didn't get that done.. But Mr Man grabbed the camera and started taking some shots here are the ones he took Sunday night before we headed off to church and Awanas.

Then we headed off to church.. and YES Sweet Pea DID go to church looking exactly like this.. scare, messy bun she did herself and her shades.. LOL.. she has gotten to that stage where she wants to make her own fashion statement I guess.. OH and she was also wearing purple boots even though her outfit had no purple in it.. ~sigh~ When Princess was this age she never would have left the house to go to church making her own fashion statement LOL.. don't you love how rules change with each child you have.. :-)
After church came home fried up hamburgers for dinner then had the dessert and got everyone ready for bed..
That folks was my exciting weekend.
Monday I spent most of the day at the hospital with Little Man's speech therapy and he was also getting evaluated for Occupational Therapy.. which I might get around to blogging about later..
Tuesday is going to be even more crazy with running around for me.. beside the normal drop off and pick up for the kids for school.. Princess has her tri-country Academic Challenge tournament for the biggest part of the day, THEN Sweet pea has another doctors appointment, recheck on the Mono.. she is hoping the Doc will clear her to be able to start taking Gym class and recess again.. guess 7 weeks of not getting to play on the playground with her friends and sitting on the stage during gym and having to sit on the sidelines watching her friends do the Awana's game has taken it toll on her she is so ready to get back into the action.. I think he will clear her but I'm not 100% we will find out tomorrow. Then Princess has softball pitcher and catcher practice for her softball team. and Mr Man has his 3rd indoor soccer game. Someone asked last week if it was cold here and that is why they are playing indoors.. the answer is yes, it can still snow here this time of year.. and I'm still scraping ice off my windows every morning to take the kids to school. So yes it is still cold here
Wednesday Little Man has speech again, Thursday Mr Man has a dentist appointment and then we will be back to where I can write a new Weekend Recap.. boy does time seem to fly right by.
Well it is 11pm so I should head to bed..
Hope you all had a nice weekend and hope you have a great week ahead.

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Fantastagirl said...

I always come to your blog when I'm feeling overwhelmed, I read a few posts and then say to myself - you've got nothing to complain about - look how busy - KC is... she is always on the go... and she is loving every minute of it!

Thank you for being a great role model for me (I know you don't blog to be my role model - but you are.)

I hope you have a great week and all the appointments are on-time and things go well.

Lizzie said...

i have got to see Fireproof! so many people have recommended it to me.

happy late birthday to your mom :)

hope you have a good week

Rachel said...

Pause. Take a deep breath. Slowly exhale. Okay now you can go again. You absolutely amaze me. Have a great day!!! :) Say hi to Princess for me. Maybe we'll get to do another rally in 4 years. That would be awesome. :)

Marz said...

Awesome pics!!
It always sounds like so much fun over at your house! the kids are always entertained & have friends over... your dh sounds so sweet & thoughtful & even though you have a super busy life you sound so happy.
Love the dress up clothes & the desert pretzels sound yummy :)

Courtney said...

Busy, busy!

Who asked you if it was cold here? Have they never heard of OHIO? It's cold here til June.