Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Recap(Princess's birthday weekend)

What a crazy weekend I have had.. here are the highlights.

1) freezing cold weather
2) 3 younger kids spending a few nights with my parents
3) Princess's 1st travel volleyball tournament
4) My oldest became a TEENAGER!!!
5) my youngest got sick :-(
Friday January 16, 2009
It was FREEZING.... Thursday the kids school was called off due to the bidder cold weather, Friday I bet it would have been also, only the kids already had it off for an in service day. So we slept in, then hung out playing Wii in the morning. Later in the afternoon we loaded up the van and took the three younger kids over to my parents.. This was between 2:30pm and 3PM and here is what the temp was outside according to my van.. Now mind you this is the true temp not the feel like temp. With windchill we were pretty much averaging -30 to -35. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

After dropping Mr Man, Sweet Pea, and Little Man off to spend the night night with my parents, We came home had dinner and was watching the 6pm news when I saw this come on the TV.
These were the true temps at that time.. Double Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. and we won't even talk about how cold it was with the windchill.. goodness.. But we are brave people LOL, Princess took off a tad bit later to go to the movies with her friends who were taking her out as a little birthday gift to her. While she was out and about, DH and I took off and went grocery shopping. It was FREEZING out there.. When we got home DH had this bright idea to copy something he saw on the news the other night.. He took a shirt and stuck it in really hot soaking it completely.Next he placed it outside for about 2 minutes maybe a tad less. When he stepped back outside to get it this is what it looked like.
We all went to bed before midnight Friday night because we had to wake up nice and early Saturday morning.

Saturday January 17, 2009
Morning came early for me this day.. 5:30AM in my book is still the middle of the night.. but that is the time the alarm went off. Princess had her 1st travel volleyball team tournament this day and she had to be to the gym which was an hour away by 7AM. I was still pretty much asleep with plans of staying that way in the van on the way there, ONLY when I stepped outside on my way to the van.. the cold hit me like bricks and I was no longer asleep.. I was so very wide awake. Check out the temp from my van when we got to the gym at 7AM.
OH and the best part, the gym we were at.. didn't really have heat.. I'm sure they might have been blowing some heat in somewhere.. but with there big vented fans they had all over the place the cold air was just blowing into the place... I was soooooooooooo happy I had taken a blanket with me.. I took a blanket not only to stay warm in the car but I figured between her matches I would cuddle up relax and read until her next match.. I found myself wrapped up in my blanket and never took it off.. Princess between matches was back in her fleece and wrapped up in her blanket she took with her..

We had a fun time we were there from 7AM till 4:30PM. We didn't really set the world on fire win wise. But we got to get some tournament play in and that is what the point of this tournament was(the normal tournament season doesn't start till March) Out of 8 sets we won 2.

We played really well though.. we only lost by 2 points and never was killed or anything like that and even went into over time with a few of them.. So our team is on there way. Here is a slide show from our time there.

After Volleyball I gave my mom a call to check on the younger three and to tell them I would be on my way shortly to pick them up. They all were doing fine and not wanting to come home.. They had spent the night with my parents Friday night so they wouldn't have to go to the volleyball(there just really is no room for kids, or parents for that matter, at these things) Saturday morning my dad had planned to take the boys to there hair cut appointments which were at 10AM and 10:30AM. Then mom and dad dropped the younger two off at my grandparents house while they took Mr Man to his basketball game.. his team lost again :-(
After basketball they picked the younger two up and went shopping with them. When I called they were at the dollar movies. After that they went to Chuck E Cheeses and then spent the night again at my parents..
Saturday night DH, Princess and I were all sound asleep by 10PM.

Sunday January 18, 2009
PRINCESS'S 13TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Overnight and also on Saturday we got more snow.. and due to the blowing and drifting, we got a call to let us know that Sunday morning church was cancelled again. This made the 2nd week in a row(last week was due to the huge amount of snow that fell) So once again I got to sleep in a little I didn't wake up till 9AM so I almost slept around the clock.. but I really needed it, when I did wake up I had the worst headache and when I sat up the room was spinning.. So I just laid down most of the morning trying to NOT get sick. DH took Princess to her softball practice in the afternoon and i forced myself at that time to get moving around.. I took a shower, wrapped Princess birthday gifts, made a birthday cake and then cleaned up the house a little bit. Princess and DH got home and my parents brought over the younger 3 kids.
At that time Princess opened her birthday gifts, then it was time for dinner and time to get dress for PM Church/Awana's/Youth group. We got home about 7:30PM and did cake and ice cream. DH watched football, the boys were playing Wii and the girls and I went into there room to watch the movie on ABC Family.
Halfway though the movie Rhett came running into the room started to say mom and ended up puking all over the place. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet Pea was sick with this puking thing on Wed. I was praying it avoided the rest of us, mostly because of how much was going on this weekend so I'm thankful we had all the weekends event done with by the time Little Man got sick. He puked 3 more times each time on the carpet.. UGH UGH UGH.. Then he fell asleep.. and the rest of us played some wii.
Here is a slide show of the birthday activities of the day.

I still can't get over that I'm a mommy to a teenager.. WOW how the time has flied.. Did you all see the little video I made for her for her birthday???? if you missed it click HERE.
Well here it is now 12:45AM Sunday night/Monday morning.. and I need to get this posted and get to bed..
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

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Aisha said...

Happy Birthday to Princess. Time does fly fast! She is really pretty :).
I love volleyball, I enjoyed looking at the photos.I wish I can play again, lol!
You are a really busy mom, KC. I really admire you. You encourage me a lot to be a good mom someday too.

Kristi said...

Wow. I hope the years don't fly too fast. I don't want Noah to be a teenager soon. Happy Birthday Princess!

After Hours said...

Wow looking at the thermostat in your van makes me regret thinking it was cold outside today at a mere... 60 degrees Farenheit. Good luck outside!!

Marz said...

Eeeek!!! Teenager!! Yikes!!!
We have been so cold here too. I don't believe anything about the global warming, wth is that? lmao!!
Happy Belated Birthday Princess!!!

Sniz said...

BTW, our car thermometer (which is just like yours...I love that thing) read -12 one day last week. Gotta love winter!

Courtney said...

Wow, a teenager...the years can slow down now....

It is entirely way too cold here, what is going on?

Mama C said...

Where does the time go? Happy birthday and what wonderful pictures. I love the video too.

Not that cold here in Tx. High today 73. I am not jealous at all. I'll take the Tx heat over freezing cold.

Shana said...

Long time no post of a comment from!!! I have been having trouble with my Google Reader. Every time I open it my computer has to be shut down and restarted. I just found out the otherday that it is only acting up if I open it in FireFox, if I open it up in Explorer it works...CRAZY THING! :o)

Well, happy belated b-day to your teenager. And keep in mind it is her that is getting older not!!! And yeah, this weather has been NUTS! I am not going to thaw out until at least July. :o)

SportsMum said...

I love my teenager! Mind you, boys don't have the emotions of teenage girls - mine just grunts at me!!!
I would have almost preferred the throwing up part of your weekend - We got to spend ours in the hospital!!! Never forget to hug your kids every, single minute KC - I was just reminded how important that is...

Jen said...

HOLY FREAKING COLD! ACK, I do NOT envy that in the slightest! I thought it was cold here being in the low 20's and teens, but brrrrrr! I'm sorry one of the kids got sick, but Happy late birthday to your princess!

Midlife Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! A teenager in the house, that should make things even more interesting! lol! Just wait till she starts drivers ed and all that stuff! Actually teens are GREAT! I loved those years with our son and all his friends. We had a blast with them and took them everywhere. I wouldn't have missed those years for the world.

It's been really cold here too. The coldest was in northern Maine and it was -50* and set an all time record! Yikes! That's COLD!

Don't you just love Wii? We like to play the downhill skiing, soccer, and hulahoop! Good exercise.

Stay warm and enjoy those kiddos! xoxoxo