Friday, January 09, 2009

Your Gonna Miss This Moment 1/10/09

On Wednesday this week the kids wanted to make a snowman cookie.. So that is what they did. I made the cookie and they got to decorate it.. I sat out all the stuff and then left the room and had them go at it.. They fought and yelled and screamed at each other about who was going to get to do what.. and Sweet Pea and Mr Man thought they were going to have a melt down that Little Man wasn't following the pattern in the color candy they were placing on the snowman.

I just sat back and smiled as they worked it all out themselves(and took a few pictures LOL)
One day I'm going to miss that bickering and the pride and joy on there faces when they finish completing such a little task as decorating a cookie.. and I'm also going to miss the team work they put into it(after they got done yelling at each other LOL)

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Carol VR said...

They can bake cookies for me ANYTIME!!!!

Jean said...

That's a big cookie! I think they did great with their agreed color combo.

Lizzie said...

that is awesome! i love the snowman's scarf :) yummy!

hope you have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

What a fun project! They did a great job!

Pam said...

That is a great cookie! And a great lesson in learning to get along and team work!!

My boys would have dropped to the ground and started wrestling it out! Uhg!

CC said...

Yum! I am so hungry looking at that right now!!!