Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How we brought in 2009

We started the day like we did most of our Christmas break, we slept in close to 10am skipped breakfast and had an early 11am lunch. We laid around in our PJ's till close to noon(man did I love those lazy mornings). At that point the girls and I got dressed and took off to the dollar movies.. where we caught a 2pm showing of High school musical 3. While we did that the guys stayed home playing wrestling on Wii and Thomas the tank on the computer.
The girls and I got home about 5pm and Princess got dressed for the party she was going to while I picked up the mess around the house. Then I took Princess to the next town over for a party at one of her friend from youth group house Her party was from 6 till a little after midnight.
When I got back home DH and I tossed pizza's into the oven and Sweet Pea and I went to pick up her friend A.V. We were to pick up Mr Man's friend to spend the night also, only his friend ended up with the flu and couldn't make it.. Mr Man was just a little bummed not having a friend to bring home to party with.
When A.V. Sweet Pea and I got home.. we all ate pizza and then the kids took off playing for a few hours. The boys took over the Wii again, while the girls went into the bedroom and played barbies and bratz. When I went to check on them they had got into the play makeup Sweet Pea got for Christmas and boy did they enjoy that..
At 9pm we did some chocolate fondue and gathered the kids up for a big game of UNO.. DH and I played UNO with them for an hour and then we all moved to the living room to have a bowling tournament with the kids on the Wii. after bowling we did tennis and baseball.. between there turns Sweet Pea and A.V were still playing dress up with all of Sweet Pea's cloths..

At 11:30pm I had the girls get into there PJ's and pick up Sweet Pea's room. At 11:45pm we turned the TV. on to watch the ball drop
At midnight the kids all cheered and then yelled "ewwwwwwwwwwww gross" as I gave DH a new years kiss. Then DH was off to go pick up Princess and her two friends, K.D and S.B. from the party and to bring them all back to our place. As he walked out the door, the 4 kids still left with me ran out the back door and yelled as loud as they could "Happy New Years" and then they ran to the front door and Yelled "Happy New Years" and then they grabbed the phone and called Grandma(my mom) and yelled into the phone "Happy New Years"
After that the Sweet Pea and her friends went back to doing make up and dress up while the boys saw there was music still on TV and started to dance in the living room..
Around 12:30/12:45AM DH got home with the other 3 girls.. and they were hungry so they helped themselves to some Pizza and fondue and then they went and painted the younger girls finger and toe nails for them.. by this time it was pushing 2AM and I wanted to get the younger kids in bed.. So Sweet Pea and A.V went into Sweet Pea's room and I started a movie for them to watch as they laid in bed and fell asleep, and I took Mr Man and Little Man into there room and did the same for them.
Little Man fell asleep by 2AM and Mr Man by 3AM and A.V by 3:30AM and Sweet Pea by 4AM (though I did end up having to turn off the TV and lay in bed with her in order for her to fall asleep) I ended up passing out after Sweet Pea was asleep.. while Princess and her two friends were still camped out in the living room playing Wii.. I asked them what time they went to bed and they said 4:30AM Little Man sleeping
Mr Man sleeping
The younger girls just before they fell asleep. And the older girls still up and going strong, this was about 3:30AMWe all slept in on New Years Day.. When we got up I made a breakfast of sausage gravy and biscuits and some waffles and we had a picnic breakfast in the living room still all having a lazy morning. By 1pm two of the three extra kids were back at there homes and K.D. ended up spending the day with us.. but that will be a story for another post.. this one is long enough.

And to think I was going to use this as a WORDLESS Wednesday post LOL... guess there is nothing wordless about this.


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! lots of craziness going on at your house there;) looks like not much of a dull moment there! lol! Fun memories!

Jean said...

I thought I had a crazy sleep schedule over the holidays. :)
I think Sweet Pea looks exactly like big sister in the pics minus the blue eye shadow of course.

Courtney said...

Definitely not wordless, but thanks for the peek into your NYE celebration!

Lizzie said...

looks like you all had a great time :)

CC said...

Pizza, fondue, games, and sleeping in??? Can I come next year????

precious said...

I see that you have fo much fun goin on. Plz join us in Precious Moments here : Precious Moments Have a nice day!

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! You guys sure brought in the new year in style! I guess I'm an old duffer as we went to bed before 10! lol! Love the make up that the younger girls did, very creative! Thinking about that chocolate fondue is making me hungry........and the pizza.......You have so much fun with your family, it's just WONDERFUL! Happy New year! xoxox