Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Gonna Miss This Moment 1/17/09

This week for my your gonna miss this, I'm sure I could have come up with a ton of things such as the kids fighting non stop with each other during one of there many two hour school delays this week, Or how yesterday when they got the whole day off school due to the freezing cold they got along great and were the sweetest people in the world to each other, Or how on Wednesday Sweet Pea was so sick and not only threw up on my floor but also in my bathroom sink but the worst of it was when she was sleeping in my bed and threw up all over every blanket, pillow and sheet there was. Still having a hard time trying to think of a time i might miss that though. BUT the biggest thing that has been in my mind and heart all week was at the end of this week My baby girl, the one child who made me a mother is going to no longer be a baby, she will be a full blown teenager..
Princess is turning 13 years old on Sunday and I"m going to miss her goofy little girl days.

Like on Thursday when she handed me my camera and she ran outside in -15 windchill yelling back at me saying here mom take a picture of this.

Or how last Thursday when it was snowing and cold outside, after picking her and her friends up from there bible study I had to run into walmart to get some cold stuff for my sick family back at home and when I came walking back out to the fan I found these three crazy girls dancing outside the van with the radio up loud and everyone in the parking lot looking at them like they have lost there minds.. I think it was because they didn't have there coats on more then dancing in walmart parking lot LOL..
I'm already missing her younger days.. but I'm going to miss these crazy preteen days too.

This was taken just about 10 years ago.

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melanie said...

Awww- what a sweet post. I agree about not missing the throw up--- we all just had that stomach bug too and it was awful- the worst we've ever had.

I love the Walmart picture- too funny!! I used to act crazy like that with my friends. Lots of happy memories in the making for Princess.

Pam said...

That is so sweet! I hear you on all of this!

Katarina said...

So sweet, my little girl will be there someday!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

What a sweet post--I will be there soon!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet princess. She sounds like a lot of fun.