Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Recap (January 9-11, 2009)

Second weekend of 2009 and once again it was a pretty uneventful weekend. I didn't have to work Friday, well I only got called into work once this week and that was Tuesday when I was called to sub working with the 5th grader.

Friday January 9, 2009
I guess it was a good thing I didn't get called on Friday because DH was laid up in bed sick with what seemed sort of flu like and Mr Man and Sweet Pea both woke up sick and feverish Friday morning.. So my Friday was spent playing nurse. It started to snow Friday morning and didn't stop until sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.. so I guess if I had to be stuck at home with sick people this was the weekend to do it.
When the kids saw just how much snow we were getting they really wanted to go out in it, but since they they fevers that morning I wasn't going to let them go and play in the cold. Little Man said to me, "but mommy me want to eat the snow it's yummy" That gave me a idea..
If the kids couldn't go to the snow I would bring a little of it inside for them.. and I went and filled a cup up with snow for each of them.. Mr Man and Sweet Pea mixed there snow with a little bit of pop, but Little Man ate his snow plain.
After dinner Friday night I thought I would keep the kids mind off of not being able to go outside so I taught them how to play Bunco and we occupied the next few hours rolling the dice and LOL that Little Man beat us all.
Princess got the game for Christmas but she wasn't home Friday night she had gone to a birthday/slumber party so she didn't get to play her game with us.
After Bunco the kids laid sleeping bags in the girls bedroom and I turned on a movie for them and they went to sleep.

Saturday January 10, 2009
Mr Man was to have a basketball game but due to the amount of snow we got it was cancelled.. So I let the kids sleep in till about 10am Around 11am we all bundled up and thought we would go join DH in clearing the driveway..

After that we had lunch and played some Wii Then DH and Sweet Pea went and picked up some groceries While they were gone my parents stopped by. Later we had dinner and played around game of Bunco this time Princess got to play along with us. Around 6pm that night we got a call that Church was cancelled due to the snow in the morning. So I let the kids stay up later and watch a movie and then they went to bed.. After they went to bed, I finished reading the book I have been reading and I watched Ugly Betty and Greys(which I taped on Thursday) and Then went to bed myself.

Sunday January 11, 2009
We slept in since there was no church, then we worked on awana's lessons and verses, In the afternoon Princess had Volleyball at the high school(there 1st tournament is next weekend) while she was at ball, the other three got to go play outside in the snow making snow forts and having a ball.. I called them in an hour later(didn't want them to freeze) and I got them all showered and bathed and dressed for church.. by then Princess got home and it was time to leave for Church/Awanas/Youth group..
We made it home after church and the kids played Wii and watched some Garfield movie on tv
DH left for work the kids went to bed.. and here I sit, typing this out.. I'm also watching Desperate Housewives as I type and I'm taping 24..

There ya have it my weekend.. really exciting stuff I tell ya :P

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Lizzie said...

i love the snow with soda idea :) i might have to give that a try! looks like you guys are staying all bundled up in that cold weather, have a good week.

palmtreefanatic said...

snow icees! Great idea! I love it! I bet they did too;)
looks like an eventful weekend! glad the kids are better!
is all this snow crazy or what;)?

Kristi said...

I love the idea of bringing snow inside and making a treat. I think I'll steal that this week when the temps are sub-zero and we're stuck inside.

Sniz said...

Look at all that snow! I wish we had all that snow here in Indy, but although it's freaking cold, no snow. No fair! Anyway, glad you all had such a good weekend!

Courtney said...

We didn't do too much either because of the snow. We did play outside and paint Callee's room.

CC said...

Wow. Look at all that snow!

We made snow cream before Christmas when we actually had snow. I expect we'll get some more... in 2011!

marky said...

We were supposed to get snow..but didn't get kids were so sad. You kids looked like they had a blast!

Fantastagirl said...

What a way to embrace the coldness that is snow... love the snow icees.

We have more than enough snow here as well.

SportsMum said...

So you know sickness and snow too! What a great idea to bring the snow in! You're a GREAT Mom KC.

Heather said...

I read to put syrup on the snow and let it harden it turns into a yummy treat. Such an ispiration you are! I just may have to do this for the kids today since there is soo much snow and they won't be able to go out in it.

Hope you are all feeling better!!