Saturday, November 29, 2008

Your Gonna Miss This Moment #11

My moment that I'm gonna miss is one that drives me up a wall on most days.. The Boys.. Yes my darling boys.. Last weeks moment was my boys playing nicely on the computer holding hands and being so loving. This weeks moment is the other side of my sweet boys..

Captured these photos while at my grandma's during our Thanksgiving with my family.
NO this was not him holding his face and saying I love you.. This was Little Man grabbing Mr Man's face and growling at him. Which led to these.

The boys love to wrestle around and they both enjoy it, but normally someone ends up getting hurt. It is normally Mr Man who gets hurt because he is old enough to know how not to hurt his little brother when they are play wrestling, but Little Man gets carried away and really is beating up Mr Man.. not to be mean just in the name of fun, boys being boys sort of thing..
It is at these moments I think I should only have had girls.. LOL..
But I'm sure I'll look back one day and miss these moments of my little boys..

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Lizzie said...

i understand... my son is the SAME. Unfortunately for him, he tries to wrestle and beat up his little sister. she has the "little sister defense mechanism" SCREAM VERY LOUDLY till mommy comes in and saves the day "STOP HITTING YOUR SISTER!" he gets his wrestle on with daddy in the living room later one.

great moment, i love that you got pictures of it, ha ha!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I honestly prefer the way my boys fight over my girls. Punch kick done.
The girls? nasty look. nasty comment. Stare down. Glare. Repeat. Repeat.

marky said...

LOL.. I am laughing at the true blogger in you.. You actually took the pictures over breaking up the fight!

my kids have to hug and make up.. no matter how old they get!