Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Recap Nov 14-16,2008(Mr Man's Birthday weekend)

Weekend Recap for November 14-16, 2008 should be titled Party weekend :)
We had a fun filled, full, busy as anything weekend.
Friday November 14, 2008
Friday started out busy with getting ready for two parties while the kids were at school, Then I picked up Princess, got home loaded up a ton of stuff into the van and then went and picked up Mr Man and Sweet Pea, came home and ran to my grandparents to pick up a folding table and chairs for Saturdays party, came home unloaded them and loaded up the van with what I still needed to take to Fridays party.. and by 4pm I was off to the hotel to decorate and let the kids swim before the party. At 5:15pm I was ordering pizza and going to pick up one of the boys who needed a ride and the party started at 6pm.
The Party was Mr Man's kids party for his 9th birthday. We had it at a local hotel. A quick run down of the party.. We ate pizza and then went swimming for hours and hours, Then came back to the room and sang Happy Birthday and had cake(or cupcakes) Then he opened his gifts, and the kids played. As a surprise for Ryan, DH got his hands on a Real WWE championship belt that was worn by Hulk, The Rock and Triple H, the Undertaker ect. I don't understand it all but I guess in the end it was owned by Rock Lesnar. (and don't ask me who that is because I don't watch wrestling and I have no idea who these people are but Mr Man just started getting into this) Anyways it was a really big deal for Mr Man and all the boys who just thought this was the coolest thing ever.. They all wanted there picture taken with the belt so we did that and we got a copy for Mr Man to pass out to them when he gets to school. Let me tell ya that belt is Heavy..
Anyways after getting all there pictures.. Little Man was getting super tired and a becoming a real bear.. I had planned to keep him at the hotel with me but he was just being a handful and needed to go to sleep.. So my mom stayed with the kids at the hotel and DH and I took Sweet Pea and Little Man back home.. I got them all settled in and then I went back to spend the night at the hotel with the party animals. When I got there they were jumping on the bed and after I changed into my PJ's we got them started on movies which they watched the rest of the night until they fell asleep.. I think we watched 3 movies.. The 1st boy was asleep by 1:15am and the last one by 4:30am We got them up for breakfast at 8am and the party was over by 9am.
Friday 11/14 is also my Grandpa's birthday.. This year he turned 76 years old. Happy Birthday Grandpa. My Dad too Grandpa, Grandma and my uncle out to dinner Friday night and on there way home they stopped by Ryan's party.. Since they were still there when we did cake we all sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa also.
Here is a slide show from the party.

Mr Man was a very sweet brother and he told Princess it would be OK if her and her friend K.D. came to the party(well both his sisters were there and they both ended up with friends there to play with even though we just ran into Sweet Pea's friends) and spend the night also. Princess and K.D pretty much didn't hang out with the party boys, when we were in the pool they were in the room watching movies and such.. But the two of them had fun doing crazy things and taking crazy pictures which I'll share some other time though out the week..
and that was our Friday.
Saturday November 15, 2008
My Sweet Little Baby Boy was born November 15, 1999
I still can't believe that little bald 6 pound 2 oz 20 inches baby who was barley breathing and all blue when I 1st laid eyes on him, is now this big strong, handsome 9 years old who is built more like a 13 year old.. :)
We started the morning waking up at the hotel from the sleep over birthday party he had.. The boys had fun in the breakfast room getting there own food and each of them trying to drink coffee since Mr Man loves himself his coffee. Can't say he gets it too often since neither mommy or daddy are coffee drinkers LOL..
After all the boys had left the party we cleaned up the room and loaded up our stuff and went home
Mr Man went with my Grandpa and my Dad to go look at a boat that my grandpa was thinking of buying after test driving it in the freezing cold pouring down rain(CRAZY people) Grandpa is passing on that boat and now wants to drive 4 hours away next Saturday to go check out another one(did I mention crazy people LOL)
While the guys were doing that, my mom went home and took a nap(something I really wish I could have done) DH took Princess and K.D. to a party they were having with the youth group that went from 11am to 2:30pm, he took Little Man and Sweet Pea with them and while he was waiting to pick Princess and friend up after the party, he took the younger two out to lunch at a taco bell with a play land where they got to play for a good long time.. Then I had him stop by a store to pick up last minute items for Saturdays party. Then he took them to toys r us to look and play.. Then picked up Princess and friend and took K.D home
I had DH keep the kids gone all afternoon so I could get the house spotless company clean and keep it that way till people started to show up for Mr Man's family birthday party.
Here is the slide show for that.
After the party broke up, Princess went to her 3rd party of the day, she had a slumber party at her friends house. Little Man and Sweet Pea went home with my parents to spend the night over there. DH and Mr Man had a championship wrestling match on my living room floor.. OH how I wish I would have got pictures.. They were two funny they each went and got "into costume" with blanks as there capes and all sorts of crazy stuff, but while they were doing that I was downloading the 100's of birthday pictures from the camera into the computer so the camera was in use.
and that was our Saturday and how Mr Man spent his 9th birthday
Sunday November 16, 2008
Sunday we did our normal Sunday school, church and PM Church/awana's/youth group thing..
ONLY today after AM Church, we had our Thanksgiving dinner at church. The Jr Church colored a ton of pictures to hang up all over the basement for our dinner and Sweet Pea really got into this and colored like a crazy women and had to take me on a tour around the basement before we started to eat so that I could take a picture of every picture she colored...
here is the short slide show of that.

and here is the slide show of our dinner

I really REALLY needed a nap after church, but my kids really needed baths also(they didn't get them at slumber parties or at grandma's last night(Mr Man was the only one who got his shower before church) So I bathed the younger two and got Princess into the shower between AM church and PM Church.. I did lay down for a little bit and think i might have fallen asleep for 15 minutes before It was time to get dress for church again. Had to leave a little early because Mr Man invited his friend S.W. to go with us and Sweet Pea had invited her friend K.P. so we needed to make a few extra stops.. Must of been the week for my kids to be inviting friends to church because Princess took her friend E.L. to AM church with us..
When we got home from church I walked into the house and DH was jumping into the car on his way to work. I got the kids in there PJ's and feed them dinner and then Princess went to bed and the younger kids watched the Pirates that don't do anything movie and then they all went to bed... and her I sit doing this Weekend Recap.. and that folks is how I spent the weekend...
How did you spend yours???
If you posted about your weekend or any part of it, like it up to this Mr Linky and we all will be by to see what you were up too..
Hope you all had a great weekend.


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Mr Man! Looks like you had lots of celebrating! We did that all weekend too.
Hope you had a good nights sleep after all the preperation and parttying and running around etc, etc.

Now you have a few months until its time to do it all again!!

marky said...

Wow.. you had a busy weekend for sure.. Lots of good stuff!

Shana said...

You were a bunch of party animals this week-end! *hee-hee* :o)

Courtney said...

Sounds like the parties were fun! Glad he had a good birthday, happy belated b-day Mr. Man!

annie said...

Another fun and busy weekend!

I didn't quite get my nap either yesterday! and I needed it too :)

Midlife Mom said...

Oh My Goodness! You sure had one busy weekend! I had to take a nap halfway through your post! lol! Happy Birthday to Mr. Man, what a great party he had!! Or should I say parties! That is such a great idea having the party at a hotel with a pool, I must tell my Son and DIL about that for future reference! xoxox