Tuesday, November 04, 2008

SPF( I voted, Have you????)

Today is History in the making.. No matter who you vote for, if you vote you are helping make this History.. So if you haven't voted yet.. Go out and do it..
Tonight when all the voting is over, we are going to either have our 1st African American president or our 1st Women Vice President.. and OH HOW I HOPE IT the women VP ;P
So for this historical election.. I will share this with you..

This morning when I woke up, I saw this on my fridge. Looking out into my yard you would see my two yard signs.. here is the 1st one

This is the 2nd one
Then it was time to go and vote..

Here is the parking lot

I thought I would find myself in a huge long line but I must have went at the right time(11am) there was only one other lady infront of me..

This is the enterances into where I vote..

I wasn't sure if they would frown upon me taking pictures or not so I put my camera away.. but snaped this picture of the ladies checking me in while I was turning off my cell phone. Then I voted.. and got this.

Today I was part of History.

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kristine said...

You voted..and that is all that matters! good job!

marky said...

I voted too!!
Every election since I turned 18.

marky said...

I voted too!!
Every election since I turned 18.

marky said...

I voted too!!
Every election since I turned 18.

marky said...

good grief.. I didn't meant to post multiple times!!

Shana W. said...

I voted and I added a picture too!

christina ina said...

I voted too (but for the other guy). And I played/posted a picture as well.

Fantastagirl said...

Thanks for stopping by - I voted too! So glad you got out and had your 'voice' heard - you have earned your right to complain, or be happy for the next 4 years!

Free Spirit said...

Glad you voted. I wish I could. So many American choose not to so you did your part as a citizen. Today will make history and we are a part of it. Way cool!!!! Hey can you help with this. See link. I hope you can.


Anonymous said...

I voted for the FIRST TIME EVER today.

And I'm 24 years old. I loved it.

I played SPF :]

Anonymous said...

great job for doing your part... :)


MomOf3 said...

We voted early down here in TX. We took all three kids and they were pretty excited to go along. It was an historical night. I love this post! :)

palmtreefanatic said...

wooo hooo for the right to vote!