Saturday, November 08, 2008

Your Gonna Miss This Moment #9

Pam over at You're Gonna Miss This has started this meme called Your Gonna Miss This Moment you can read more about the meme HERE.

I have been sick all week so I haven't really been looking for missable moments with the kids.. but I can tell you I"M NOT GOING TO MISS being sick.. that is for sure.. I feel awful..

so today for my your gonna miss this moment I give you this.

Tomorrow when I wake up I'll no longer be 35, and though I don't think I'll miss being 35 right away.. one day I'm sure I'll look back and miss being 35.

Now a little something I know I'll miss one day... Parent teacher conferences. Thursday night I had 3 of them.. All went well with all 3 of the kids.. One of Princesses teacher said "What more can we say she is just perfect" LOL LOL.. never heard a teacher say that before.. never had one ever say anything bad about her either but to come right out and use the word perfect made me giggle. Sweet Pea's teach kept going on and on about what a great reader she is and in the part where they are to come up with something they can improve upon she said " She doesn't need to improve on anything nothing at all, but I had to come up with something so I'm going to say maybe working on making her sentences longer, not that her sentences aren't good I just need to write something down her and that will help her in 2nd grade" Mr Man's teacher told me he was "so intelligent"(goodness where do my kids get this from not there mama who was lucky to get C's LOL) and "he was such a joy to teach, he is one of those kids who no matter how you teach something he is going to get it" and "she loves how his mind works" and that "he makes her smile and laugh every single day" Man I hope Little Man when he is in school does as well with his teachers and grades.

One day I'm going to miss parent teacher conferences..

Guess that is enough for this Saturday.. Until next week those are my missing moments :)

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Pam said...

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I turned 36 in July! I can't say that I miss 35 yet!! LOL!!!

Awesome about the great conferences!! Enjoy it, you may miss the good reports one day too!! But, probably not!! ;)