Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Year Booking

Sunday night while I was reading though my bloglines, I was over at Janne's Jabberwock and found this post and this fun site. So today I played.. and Then Sweet Pea and Mr Man wanted to play
So after year booking ourselves, I thought I would share our fun with you all.
1950 year book pics.
Left to right Sweet pea, Me and Princess.

1952 year book picture
Left to right Sweet pea, Me, Princess and Mr Man

1954 & 1956 Mr Man

1958 year book pictures

Left to Right Sweet pea, Me, Princess and Mr Man

Me and Sweet Pea

Princess, Me and Sweet Pea


1966 Sweet Pea, Me, Princess, and Mr Man
Mr Man, Princess, Me and Sweet pea

1970Me and Mr Man

1972(the year I was born)Me

me, Princess and Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea, Princess, me and Mr Man

1978 Mr Man

1980 Me, Mr Man, and Princess

1982Princess, Sweet Pea, Me
Mr Man, Sweet Pea, Princess, and Me

Princess, Mr Man , Me

Princess, Sweet Pea, Me and Mr Man

1992 Mr Man

Sweet Pea, Me, Princess, and Mr Man

Mr Man,Me, Princess, Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea, Me, and Princess

2000 me, princess sweet pea and mr man
And the 2008 pictures I used while doing this.
Me from September 2008

Princess from June 2008
Mr Man from his birthday November 15, 2008

and Sweet Pea from November 16, 2008


palmtreefanatic said...

wow! That was some crazy fun;)

jennyL said...

that is so funny! I guess I will look terrible in the the 1950's hehe


Pam said...

that's just a little scary!! LOL!! now, lets see the real you in those years!! I can relate to the 1990 one!