Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend Recap Oct 31- Nov 2, 2008

Is it really November already WOW WOW and WOW.. this whole year has gone by so quickly..
Before I start my weekend Recap for the week, let me wish my sister a belated Happy birthday.. Her Birthday was on Saturday Nov 1. So Happy Birthday Sis.

Now onto our weekend.
Friday Oct 31, 2008 Halloween 2008
Something I haven't blogged about yet, been waiting till I saw what went on with it.. is that I applied for a subbing job with our local school district. On Friday I got the job. So while I'm still mostly a stay at home mom, I guess I'm sort of a somewhat working mom again also.. I thought this would be the perfect job with kids.. I will only work while there in school and can turn the job down if I have one sick or something going on which I can't work that day. PLUS it gives me a foot in the door for when all the kids are in school full time for me to get a full time position with the school. Plus the extra spending money at Christmas time is going to be really nice..

Besides going in to get all the paper work done with the school on Friday I really didn't do much.. I played out in the yard with Little Man because it was nice outside, and we raked leaves and jumped in them. DH who has Fridays off with these new working hours also spent alot of time playing with Little Man on Friday since he was the one babysitting while I was doing all the work stuff. Little Man was still sick on Friday but seems to be doing a bit better now.

Princess made the 7th grade academic challenge team Friday for her school and had a little get get together with her friends playing pig pong at my grandparents and ordering pizza when that was over she went and spent the night at her friends house.

Sweet Pea and I read a new book Friday night and Mr Man went to a Halloween/birthday party for one of his class mates and after it was over spent the night at my grandparents so he could go fishing on Saturday morning.
Saturday November 1, 2008
I wanted to sleep in because I was feeling sort of sick but had to get up pick up Princess and her friend and bring them home get them dress and feed them breakfast and have them at the church by 9am because the youth group was going to go rack leaves. When I got back home it was time to feed the rest of the family and get them dress(well except for Mr Man who was already out with my grandpa and my dad on the boat fishing) DH took Sweet Pea and they went grocery shopping, I stayed home with Little Man(seeing how we both were still sort of sick) At noon Princess needed picked up, Little Man and I went and got her and we ate lunch and then Little Man and I took a nap, while we were sleeping DH came home and Sweet Pea and he ate and put the groceries away.. Then it was time to get up and get the kids dressed, Pick up two of Princess's friends and head to mine and DH's parents town for trick or treat there. We got there at 3:55 and trick or treat started at 4pm and went till 5pm..

On the topic of trick or treating I found this cute cartoon LOL.. Ok after Tuesday I'll stop with the cute little funnies LOL.

Here is a slide show from Saturday while in my parents town. which will tell about the rest of our Saturday.


Sunday November 2, 2008

We woke up went to Sunday school and church, came home had lunch. DH took Princess to a travel team Volleyball try out, while the 3 younger kids and I went to the lake with my parents and took a little joy ride on the boat, it was a chilly and while we were out on the lake it started to rain, So we brought it back to shore and pulled the boat back in and went to stake n shake and got some milkshakes. We got home with some time to have the kids lay down and watch a cartoon then it was time to get dress for Church/Awanas/youth group.. Then we went to church.. Afterwards came home and ate dinner and now the kids are watching TV and soon I'll be getting them to bed..

Here is the slide show from the lake today.

Well that was my weekend, how was yours.. go blog about it and let me know.. if you don't blog just leave it in my comments.. and don't forget to sign the Mr Linky...

Have a wonderful week folks.

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Lizzie said...

ohh "bob the tomato" looks so cute! where did you find that costume??? did you make it?

also, was princess a chick from the 80's? have our pasts become halloween material? the feelings of getting older just keep popping up everywhere i go. *sigh* oh well, i'll get over it!

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like lots of fun!
Hope you are over your sick feeling, I got that yesterday and am home from work today to rest!

palmtreefanatic said...

congrats on the job!

annie said...

You are such a good mom!

Shana W. said...

Love the BOB!

I am a Democrat and I can't wait until this is election is over! :o)

CC said...

Love the pics! Congrats on the job!

Jen said...

LOL on the Bob!! You always take such fun pictures! I loved them all! All the costumes looked cute!