Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Recap (july25-27,2008)

WOW do I miss having a computer. I'm typing this post today from my mom's computer while at her house. Without having my computer I feel like i want to give you all a whole week recap.. but I'll stop myself and only do the weekend.
This week has been VBS or as they were calling it Day Camp seeing how it was an all day event. starting at 8:45am and ending at 2pm though I don't think we ever got out of there any earlier then 2:25pm So Friday morning I took the kids to VBS and then cleaned house a bit and then picked them up. After picking them up we went right to my mom's house and went swimming and Mr Man's friend A who went to church with him all week came swimming with us also. Then I cooked them all a dinner of hot dogs, you know very healthy stuff and all. Then we went back to the church for the closing carnival, where the kids had a blast and Mr Man won himself a fish. Here is a slide show picture #2-5 were pictures I took with my cell phone of pictures that were hanging on the wall at the church that they took though out the week at VBS. the rest of them I took Friday night at the closing carnival.

Saturday  in the morning we cleaned up around the yard and I did some laundry made lunch and then cleaned up the kitchen.  Around 3pm Mr Man and Sweet Pea went to my grandmas house and DH, Princess, Little Man and I went to a softball game.  Princess had been asked to fill in for a player that got hurt so we drove an hour and ten minutes and she filled in.  It was a heart breaker of a game also, going extra innings and they ended up losing by one run. 

After the game we drove back home and took Princess to a party that some 8th graders were having and she was the only 7th grader invited.. She had a load of fun, we know the parents of the girls having the party.. It was her league softball team from our town coaches daughters who were having the party. After dropping her off I picked up the other two kids and put them to bed gave Little Man a bath and got him to bed.. and DH and I ate dinner about 10pm and then i took off to pick up Princess at 11pm.. She came home took a bath and I think was in bed about midnight and I was in bed about 12:30am
When I woke up in morning.. this is what the other side of my bed looked like.
Sweet Pea and Little Man both had climbed into bed with us and was sleeping right up ageist DH.
Sunday we all went to Sunday school and church and then over to my moms for lunch. My sister and her family are in town from TX here are a few pictures from that..

We ate lunch Little Man and my niece Little E, exchanged there birthday gifts.(both of there birthdays were in May but since we knew we would see each other we waited and saved the shipping cost) and then the kids went swimming.. I'll have pictures of that later.. because they are still out there swimming.. I figured since there was a computer at moms I would do a quick weekend recap for you all.. I know my computer will still be down all of this week.. so I'm sorry if I don't get around to reading yours.. it just some how feels wrong to be up on the computer when I should be visiting with my sister.. but for a few minutes I thought it wouldn't kill anyone but now that I have this all typed out I think I need to go and visit..
check in with you all later.. to see how your weekend was.. Since I don't have my computer I'm not adding the Mr. linky to this post.. but if you did a weekend post leave me a comment so I can get by and read it..
Have a wonderful week everyone.


Courtney said...

It sounds like your week was pretty busy too with VBS. Ours is this week and I'm kinda looking forward to it!

Marz said...

busy weekend for you as usual, lol.
Love the pics though, always.

Shana said...

Our VBS was Power Lab too! So much fun!!!