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Thursday 13( Princess and Camp 2008)

On June 23 Princess headed off to church summer camp. She was the only one from our church going but that was just fine with her because she meet a friend last year at camp who lives in Indiana and the two of them have stayed in touch and planned it where they would go to camp this year at the same time and be in the same cabin. This girl was the only one from her church going also. So her mom drove her into our state and over to the boat dock where the campers were meeting up and taking the ferry over to the Island for a week at camp.

Today for my Thursday 13 I'll share with you some of the photos and stories from Princess's week at camp.

#1 This is Princess(on the right with the glasses on her head) and her friend from Indiana C.C. At the boat dock.
When we pulled in a girl and her mom walked in front of our car and Princess Yelled "There C.C." So I stopped the car and she ran out to her and they both hugged and said hello and stuff while I parked the car and was getting her luggage out. She and C.C came walking over to help just as she grabbed her suitcase we hear someone yelling "Princess!!!!"(well they yelled her real name) She turned around and saw one of her good friend from school running towards her and just about tackles her.. It was her friend K.D. if you read my blog often you have seen pics of her before from Princesses academic challenge team and other times. Turns out her youth group she started going to was also going to camp this same week.. So there was a few other kids from Princess's school there along with her. They weren't in the same cabin but they hung out a bit. When all the girls from Princess's cabin was at the boat dock and all signed in her group got to load up and head on over to the Island.
#2 Princess on the boat heading over to camp

After this point I wasn't the one taking pictures anymore. The rest of the shots either came from Princess or from the Staff member who walks around camp taking pictures and putting them online for the parents to view though out the week.

#3 The sunset from Day 1 of camp Not only is the the most beautiful sunset, it is also one of the most beautiful things as you can see in the photo a young person along with a staff member praying after chapel that day.. Isn't that just the best thing you have ever saw. This is the camp I went to growing up and also the camp I worked at for a summer while in college and it still gives me goose bumps to things of the lives changed by God though this camp.

#4 follows along the same lines as #3 It is Day 2 in morning chapel. Princess is there in the pink shirt as they sing

#5 while chapel is one of my favorite part of camp, there is a ton of other fun activities also. Here is Princess out on the lake(day 2),(these are new they didn't have them while I was at camp many moons ago, just had the sail boats and speed boats)#6 is a shot of Princess after getting off the lake and walking into the dinning hall for lunch on Tuesday(day 2)
#7 was a shot of the chapel on Wednesday night day 3, while all the campers were waiting inside while the staff members and councilors hid for the councilor staff hunt

#8 was when they left the campers loose to go find the staff and councilors. One year when I was in high school I went with the Jr age campers from our church as there councilor and during the councilor staff hunt I had the best hiding spot ever, dressed all in black I hid in plane sight among the trees laying flat in the grass. Not a single camper found me, but all the poison ivy did.. OUCH!!!! After working there for a whole summer and hiding every Wednesday night I improved on my hiding spots. LOL

#9 was taken Thursday during some sort of race activity at the pool

#10 On Thursday night parents have the option of ordering a pizza party for there child cabin. This is a picture of Princess's cabin at there Pizza party, she is down in front.
#11 was on Friday Princess and her friend out behind the speed boat on the tube.
#12 was taken Friday afternoon during one of the camp activities Princess, CC and another girl from their cabin.
#13 the most anticipated event of camp, which happens on the last night of camp. the bomb fire a time to sit around singing praises to God and giving testimonies, or sharing something they had learned at camp or any words of praise.. alot of crying goes on that night also, knowing your leaving all your friends the next morning..

and as a bonus I give you a slide show of a few more photos from Princess's week at church summer camp 2008

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Adelle said...

I have very fond memories of camp MANY years ago. Your daughter is gorgeous. Happy T13!

Alice Audrey said...

I'm about to send my dd off to camp for her first time. This makes me feel better.

Kim said...

It sounds like she had a great time!! What a wonderful Summer trip being with girls of the same standards and faith!!Kim

Carol said...

Mine just got back from camp this past weekend. For some reason, she didn't take nearly as many pictures, though. But she had a great time!

Good 13!

bernieg1 said...

Great list, my 33rd TT is up at 13 Muslim Greeting Cards - I noted the paucity of Islamic Greeting Cards at my local stationery store and so as a public service to Muslims in America, I offer the following 13 Shariah-Compliant Greeting Cards...

storyteller said...

Looks like Princess had LOTS of phun with her friends ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like lots of fun!!

CC said...

Looks like So much fun!!