Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Recap Link up(July 18-20,2008)

Happy Monday you all. Welcome to our 3rd Weekend Recap Link Up. I must say I'm sorry I haven't got around to reading every ones from last week. Been on vacation with no Internet, sorry.. I will go back and read them soon.
After last weekend I had a pretty uneventful weekend.
Friday July 18, 2008 we were still on vacation. It was our last day of vacation we were heading home that afternoon. I'll share more about that when I get around to doing vacation post. My goodness I'm so far behind on blogging.. I not only have last weeks vacation with my IL's to blog about, but two weeks before that we were on vacation with my parents and I haven't got around to blogging about that yet either.. Anyways.. Friday was spent packing, hanging out in Pigeon Forge TN and then traveling home and getting home about midnight. But here is a short video clip of the kids playing in the stream at our hotel in Gatlinburg before we checked out Friday morning.

Saturday didn't do anything too exciting. unpacked a little in the morning, went and helped my grandma with the garage sale a bit later in the morning. Washed and cleaned out FIL SUV(which we drove on vacation) then took that back to him, Next stop my parents where DH helped my dad moved a new freezer into there house and then my dad and I went and picked up my van from out of the shop, then came back to my parents and went swimming. Watched DH nephews little league game, then went home and thought we would throw the tent into the yard. We got a pizza and hooked up an extension cord into the tent watched a movie in there with the kids and then went to bed.

Sunday got up, got dress, went to church. Princess took a friend to church with us So after church her and her friend went to the friends house to hang out though the afternoon, The boys with with my parents home so they could go swimming. Sweet Pea had a birthday party to go to from 2pm to 5pm So after dropping her off, DH and I went out for lunch. Then back home and I cleaned the house and did some laundry. Sunday night went to my parents house for pizza and swimming and that is about all I did this weekend.

My kids have Bible school this week so I should get some Internet time.. maybe I'll get started on the Virgina Beach post this week so I next I can tell you all about my Smokey Mountain trip from last week. My sister comes in from TX this coming Saturday and will be here a week.. boy do i have a lot to post about and no time to post.. LOL.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Now go blog about it and come back over and sign the Mr Linky.. see you at your blog. :)

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Courtney said...

can't wait to hear about your vacations. I did invite you, btw.