Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Recap(july 11-13, 08)

Welcome to week two of the Weekend Recap Link Up, Last weeks went over well, I was impressed.. I sort of was wondering if anyone would even link up so I was very happy to see all of you linking up and sharing your weekend with us all.

This weekend recap is going to be a little different for me. The plan is to leave with my IL's on vacation Monday morning so if all goes as plans I won't be home while your reading my Weekend Recap. But I will be back towards the end of the week to get around to reading all about your weekend and your week, So don't forget to Link UP...
What is different about my weekend recap is that I normally wait till the whole weekend is over before I start to type out my post, but since we are leaving I'm going to do each day as they happen so my post is ready to be published before I have to leave. So here I sit on Friday night ready to share with you how Friday July 11, 2008 went for me..
Lets start by saying it was a beautiful day really hot and sunny and all started off well, but it didn't last. My Plan was to head to my grandma's help get all my stuff set up for the garage sale she is having next week(have to set up now since I"m going to be gone) Then maybe get some yard work around the house done, do laundry, get groceries and start packing. Then go to Mr Man's game and then head over to Princess's softball game which was starting at 8pm(Mr Man's game was starting at 7pm). Like I said things started off well. I got up dressed, feed everyone breakfast, and got them dress, then was over my grandparents by 11am and spent 2 hours over there getting set up, Had lunch at grandma's, then came home.. I really wanted to get Little Man down for a nap so he would be good at the ball games. Praise the Lord we got home and he went right down for a nap without a fight, At that point I left DH with him and I went shopping and got the groceries that I needed to get us until we leave, then came home put them away and saw the time.. I flipped the one load of laundry I had manage to get down around and I stared to cook dinner since we had to eat early to get everyone to there ball games. while dinner was in the oven I jumped and got a shower, Little Man still sleeping. just as I got out he got up and was not in a happy mood, he was cranky the rest of the night(UGH!!!!!!!!! shouldn't a good nap keep him from being that way??) As I was getting dress I started smelling the worse smell ever. I went to check Little Mans pants thinking maybe he had an accident(which he hasn't had in over a month) and it wasn't him.. so I started to look to see if one of the cats got locked in a room and messed on my floor.. NOPE not them.. and the smell was getting worse and it was all though the house.. I notices it was coming from my air vents so the source of the smell was in the basement.. I went down there and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the sewer was backing up all though out my basement... YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was a mess but only covering a 4th of the basement I got a plunger and thought maybe that was all it needed and it started to go down, just as most of it was back down the drain in the floor it backed up and again and covered the floor again.. I knew this was a job I was going to have to have someone come in and do.. OH and BTW we turned the air off to stop the smell from being pumped though out the house.
So now another problem.. It's Friday night after 5pm I'm calling everyone in the book.. and not reaching anyone.. just voice mails telling me it is after hours to leave my name and number and they will get back to me!!! UGH!!!!!
After calling everyone close and calling everyone a 2nd time.. I started to call a 3rd time down the list of numbers.. Don't know what made me think calling over and over would help.. but it did.. on my 3rd try to Rotor Rooter A PERSON answered.. they said Yes we got your message and we can have someone out to your place tomorrow afternoon.. TOMORROW AFTERNOON.. and YES I did yell that on the phone.. then explained to them that they didn't understand it has been 2 hours and it was still backing up.. mind you I wasn't using water or flushing toilets but it was still coming up out of my basement floor and now covered over 1/2 of my basement. Tomorrow afternoon would not do.. They said sorry ma'am that is when we can have someone there.. UGH UGH UGH...
Then as I hung up another one in town called and said they could have someone at my place 1st thing in the morning.. IN THE MORNING.. what ever happened to we will be there within the hour.... come on people this is not something you can let go until the next day.. BUT these kind folks were at least kind enough to give me the number for a place that is a 24 hour service they were about 30 minutes or a little more away from where we live but 24/7 service.. So I called and they got someone out to my house by 7:30pm.
Meanwhile DH took the kids to their games and I had to call my grandma to see if she could go to Mr Man's game and stay with him so that DH could get Princess over to her game.
At 8pm my basement was snaked and drained.. NOW I have crap all over it to clean up.. YES me clean it up.. the guys told me when they got here they would power spray it down when they were done, but after doing it and seeing what the problem was(which is coming from the neighbors plumbing) they didn't want to wash all that stuff back into the drain... They told me to let it dry(LET IT DRY???????) and then swipe it up and throw it away and then scrub the basement with bleach really well.. well yeah no kidding.. but UGH... I was really hoping the crap would be washed up before I had to bleach it myself.
I did make it to Princess's game.. she did well, but the team played awful.. It is so painful to watch plays that should be outs if they would open there gloves or use two hands to caught the ball.. or over throwing the balls. Honestly it was like watching the bad news bears.. AWFUL(and yes they normally are that bad, but it normally doesn't bug me all that much)(oh and so you know this is the local league team, not the really good 1st place in our state travel tournament team, that team everyone knows how to play ball)

I left the game in the last inning, Little Man was covered in dirt from playing though the game It was pushing 10:30pm and he needed a bath so I took the boys and left the girls with DH and headed home, somehow in the dark I missed the street I normally would take that connects the main street where the ball fields are towards to my road, but it's ok there is another street that connects just a bit down the way, but it was just the point of it all that I meant to turn at the 1st one and missed it.. I was thinking goodness could this day get any worse . I found out it could.. not for me but for my neighbors. As I got to the stop sign of the road that I was on and our road I found out God was taking care of me by letting me miss the 1st street.. if I would have took it I would have had to turn around and go all the way back around because the cops had the road blocked... What I saw also made me very Thankful that all I had in my house was a basement full of crap.. because there just one door away from where I was stopped and just 5 doors away from my house on the other side of the road, flames were bursting though every window and flying out of there roof.. the whole place was on firer and looked like it was going to burn down to the ground.. Little Man saw it, there was nothing I could do to keep him from seeing it and he started to flip out about a house on fire. I came in and prayed for the people who lived there and gave thanks that all I had was to clean up crap and I still had a place to live and my family was safe.
So now it's Midnight. Game plan for tomorrow was to go to Mr Man's ball game and then do something fun with the kids like taking them to the kiddie park(even though the 2 older ones are too big for that) but now it looks like I'll be cleaning up crap... Guess I'll pick up here on Saturday night to share how that went.

Saturday July 12, 2008 I didn't get much sleep, turns out seeing the house on firer really did scare Little Man(and why wouldn't it he is 3 after all) but he couldn't sleep. I would get him to sleep but then he would wake up scared and crying.. He and I both ended up sleeping on the couch all night, him laying in my arms. PLUS the fact that we didn't want to turn the central air on and pump the nasty smell in the basement though out the house made for a hot night of sleeping at our place. But we were up bright and early(for me that is 7:30am LOL) we ate breakfast and took off to Mr Man's game he had to be there at 8:30. He had 3 super hits today every time he was up he had a hit out into the outfield and never got out..

We got home and my grandma had called said she was going garage saleing and when she was done she would pick up the kids so we could clean out the basement without them under foot. So while waiting for her we played with the kids outside and did some yard work, got the grassed cute and the bushes trimmed and cleaned off and scrubbed the back porch, The kids had a blast making a mess on the front porch with pop-its and then later on DH did smoke bombs with them in the drive way.. I cooked lunch we ate and then grandma came and the 4 kids went with her..
DH and I went right down into the basement.. Thankfully I had nothing on the basement floor and had cleaned the basement really well before this happened or it would have been a much bigger mess to then it was. It took us about 2 1/2 hours.. but we got it all washed out, no more crap in my basement no more smell, well unless you count the strong smell of bleach that my whole house smells like now. But At least that is done and we can turn the air back on. I finished up the basement and was out of the shower by 3pm then I rested and started to get some stuff together for our trip. I gave my grandma a call, but the kids were all playing with friends so we left them stay there for a bit. Princess had called and asked if she and her group of friends could walk to the coffee house and hang out so that is what they did, after that they ended up all going out for pizza and all hung out till dark. Because of this Princess did not want to go with me and the other kids Saturday night. So once the sun started to set I took the kids to the drive-in where Wall-E and Get Smart was showing. DH ended up not going with us because Princess was getting home about the time the movie was starting and poor little, Little Man didn't get a nap and was sound asleep by 8pm so DH stayed home with those two while I took Mr Man and Sweet Pea to see Wall-E. We had a good time, but the movie must had been one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. If I would have seen it in a normal theater I would say it was a waist of money but since it's the drive-in and kids are free, and we had fun just being at the drive-in I guess it was worth it.

We started watching Get Smart and I was enjoying it but Sweet Pea was sleeping and Mr Man asked if we could go home because he wasn't liking the movie much and wanted to go to bed..So off we went. We got home about midnight. The kids were both sleeping and went right to bed once I woke them to walk into the house. I got all the , cloths laid out for Sunday school and church for the morning and then I joined the rest of the crew and went to sleep. I don't' know what time it happened, but we heard a boom and lost all power, it was jet black in my house and the boom and the sound of all the fans and air conditions turning off woke up both Sweet Pea and Little Man and they both were screaming because they couldn't even see their hand in front of their own face. I was stubbing all over the place trying to find the flashlight which I saw Little Man playing with right before he fell asleep, but I couldn't find it.. So I went into the kitchen stepping on a water gun and braking it, I tried to turn the burner on my stove for some light, It didn't come on, then it hit me that was my old stove that had the pilot light, this newer one is and automatic light so it needs power to turn on.. UGH.. I fumbled though the junk drawer and found a match and Yes we had light.. I lite a few candles and then found a few flashlights placed them where if the kids woke up they wouldn't fall out of there beds(Mr. Man on the top bunk and Princes in a loft bed) and then spent the next hour and a half trying to get a scared Sweet Pea and Little Man back to bed. I have no clue what time this was but I'm guessing between 3am and 4am.
Talk about another awful night of sleep, it got so warm in the house even with the windows open.. Even warmer the night before because we didn't have any fans moving air around. I did manage to fall asleep I was sleeping when the power came back on but because of that I over slept and missed Sunday school.. I woke up and had to call time and temp to see what time it was and it was already 9:05am and I have to leave the house at 9am to get to Sunday school by 9:30am So I woke everyone up and rushed around like crazy so that we could at least make it to church by 10:30am I was only 3 minutes late to church.
So Sunday once we got up we went to church and then after church headed over to my IL's house where we dropped off Princess and her bags and she and my IL"s loaded up into there car and took off to KY. They left this afternoon to go visit MIL's brother for the day and this will put them 1/2 way down to TN where we are going with them on vacation tomorrow.
Since my van is still in the shop, or should I say going back into the shop tomorrow morning(thank you dad for taking it there for me) We are driving my FIL's Envoy down to TN so we also picked up that while there.
The rest of Sunday I spent doing laundry, cleaning up and packing.. but I did take a short walk down the road to get these two photos of the place that caught fire Friday Night. I guess one lady ended up getting life flighted out. I read that in the paper, but they still don't know what started the fire.

So how was your weekend, go blog about it and then come back here and sign the Mr. Linky.. Hope you all had a wonderful enjoyable weekend.

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Courtney said...

Wow what a busy weekend and how awful that all that stuff had to happen. I will pray for the family that lives in that house and especially for the lady that was life flighted out.

I hope you have fun in TN.

amy said...

What a great idea and I love the music on your blog. Hope you have fun!

annie said...

I can't imagine having a fire like that!

Looks like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I can relate! We went without AC for two days recently because ours broke. It was miserable!

I have never been to a drive-in. It looks so fun!

Kristi said...

I had thought we had an adventurous weekend until I read this. Wow! I am extremely exhausted after reading the drama. I hope the rest of your week is less exciting.

palmtreefanatic said...

I wonder what did knock the power out! something woke me at 3:30 am and I noticed the alarm clock flashing...hmmm all my windows were opened! I guess everything here was fine, I was so tired I slept like I was a dead person;)
We wanted to take the kids to see those movies at the drive inn...maybe tonight

Stayllo said...

We saw Wall-E and Get Smart too and enjoyed them. Thanks for the update!

Meritt said...

This was my first time stopping in but OMGoodness!!!

The basement issue made my stomach flip flop. I'm sorry!!!!

As for the drive in movie - very cool! My husband and my very first date in 1985 was to a drive in. :)