Friday, July 11, 2008

Maybe one of you can help

As you can tell by looking at my blog my sidebar has been moved from the side to the bottom of the page. I had my blog designer take a look at it and she said she can't find anything wrong in the code to be making it do this.
So do any of you know what is up with this or better yet how to fix it???
If you do, Please let me know.
Thank you..


Sniz said...

I have no idea why your side bar moved. That sort of thing happens to me sometimes...something happens on my computer for no apparent reason and I have no idea why or what to do. Hey, have you seen the American Girl movie about Kit? It's not a girly movie at all and it's SO GOOD! Check it out!!!

Have a great day! Sniz

Shana said...

It looks fine to me. :o)

Peggy said...

KC...when I had this happen, I asked blogger HELP! I had to get n a group...I spent so much time taking out things that were oversized and it ended up being in my last blog posted. Otherwise, you need to try and take out the
last thing you added and go backward til it moves back.
It could be a photo? Anyways, good luck! It's not so bad on the bottom! What I did was copied whatever I took out(like html or codes) so I could put them back
and not loose it! Hoping you can fix it? I freaked when it happened to me! Finally someone in Blogger Help Group helped me and knew exactly what it my last post...some closing thing didn't need to be there...took it out and WOW! I almost cried cuz of how much I had taken out and here it was a> or p> or some dumb html...
which I don't understand at all!
If I come across it in my notebook,
I'll come back or even the name of the HELP guy that truly was my hero