Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation with my Parents Part 1

Sunday June 29, 2008 after morning church my dad said to me, we are thinking of going on a little vacation to Virgina Beach, if we go do you want to go or can we take the kids. I said, I don't know I guess so. As we were driving home from church a little after noon Sunday afternoon, my phone rings it's dad saying.. Pack your bags we are going to go. I asked when they would be leaving and he said at 3AM. Monday morning. Talk about me running around like crazy.. I first had to do all the laundry and then all the packing and then clean up the house some and get some meals ready for my DH who would be staying home since he had to work. About 1:30 AM I went to bed only to have the alarm go off an hour later so I could be up and ready to walk out the door when my parents got to my house to pick me up.. Both me and the kids slept a good long time in the van. but 13 hours later we were at the hotel with a lovely view of the beach.
Here is a slide show of us all on the way to VA. and in the hotel room shortly after we got there.

After getting settled into the room it was time to hit the beach. I think we spent 3 to 4 hours on the beach that 1st day. Afterwards we came in and clogged up the hotel shower with all sorts of sand from 7 people showering, Then we ordered Pizza. While waiting on the Pizza the girls and I took a walk down the streets of Virgina Beach in search of chips to go with our pizza. We found a 7/11 and bought some chips and walked back to the room. We got there just about the same time the Pizza did, we ate and went to bed, by this time it was pushing 11pm and we had a long day.
Here are the rest of our photos from Day 1 of our mini vacation with my parent.

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Jen said...

How fun!!! But 3 am!?!? That's crazy! Glad you were able to have an enjoyable time with the family :)

Carol VR said...

Wow the water looks so blue in some of those shots. Great fun I'm sure!!!

marky said...

oh my ..what a long car trip! The beach looks like a wonderful time! guess it makes up for the long journey!

Courtney said...

I'm glad you got around to blogging about it. How spontaneous was that? That's crazy. It looks fun and I look forward to hearing more.