Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday(summer camp)

This week for Time Travel Tuesday, Annie @ My Life As Annie, has asked us to share our favorite memory/s from our time at summer camp.

OH MY GOODNESS.. I have enough of these to fill a ton of books. There is never any way I could pick just one or even a few to write about. My time at summer camp was the highlight of my year when I was growing up. This is the boat we took from the mainland to the Island.

I spent one week every summer at Camp Patmos on Kelly's Island. It was THE BEST.
The above photo is of the camp light house, not the best shot of it but remember a 10 year old was taking that shot LOL

My 1st year going to camp I was 9 years old just finished the 3rd grade and it was me, and my two friends, Robin and Kathy(in the above shot I'm in the visor). Robin was 10 and had been to camp the year before and Kathy was my age and it was her 1st time to go also.. The 3 of us went to camp together the same week from that point onto high school. At that point Robin stopped going and Kathy was working on staff at camp. During my Jr Years at camp one of my favorite things to do was go sailing on the camp sail boats. Above in the boat and below is Kathy in the girls cabin area with a boat behind her.One of my other favorite pass times was riding in the ski boats.. I gave skiing a few tries when I was a younger camper but wasn't very good at it.. not the boogie boards I could do, did those on my knees so I guess you can say knee skiing. The photo below is my sister her 1st year of camp so it was my 3rd and one of the ski boats.Once we hit Jr High age and was going Jr High week to camp.. my friend Tina started going along with us to camp.. BUT we also started to look at boys as well(LOL) This year at lights out we got in trouble. There was 3 really cute staff member One was Brent, another was Doug and the last one was Steve.. I remember there names because the girls in my cabin made up a song where we kept singing over Brent, Doug, Steve, Brent Doug Steve. LOL we sang it over and over and over as loud as we could at lights out for about an hour. keep getting warning after warning UNTIL... BRENT, DOUG and STEVE came out made us get up get dress and was sent to punish us.. We had to go out at midnight, run lapse and do a bunch of silly racing things like run to the tree touch it, run back to the tree hug it, run back to the tree and kiss it..
OH me.. it was more fun then punishment.. but after an 30 minutes of running.. we got to go back to our cabin and go to sleep... The blond guy in the picture below is Brent. The girls in the picture are some of the girls from my cabin that year. Come Sr High years.. We weren't so boy crazy Thank Goodness.. Here are some more pictures of my camp years.
This next picture is the year my sister and her friend Chrissy were old enough to go to camp Sr High week along with me. This shot is of them on the boat on our way to camp that year. Here is Chrissy writing her name on the walls. Back then it was ok to do that in the cabins.. years later they painted the cabin walls and that was the end of that.. Now that Princess is going to camp they are still using the same cabins but they are now drywalled. The guy above name was Mark he was a staff member we campers called him Mighty Mark. I can't recall if he was sail instructor or water front director but in any case it was on the lake.
In the shot below the boy in front name was Danny, the boy behind him I think was Eric and the kid in the glasses was Arron.. I meet them at camp.. how crazy that 20 years later I can remember there names. WOW and double WOW it has been 20 years!!!!!!!!!!! these shots were the summer of 1987
This is me with two of the girls I meet at camp. I'm in the middle. I'm really LOL right now because that shirt I am wearing is a night grown that the camp was selling.. true I have shorts under it but here I am walking around camp in my PJ's and I made fun of Princess for walking around camp this year in her PJ's While in Sr High I spent two weeks at camp. One week as a camper and another week going as a counselor from our church for the younger kids. It was my brothers age group. That was a blast also.. ONLY I came home one week with a awful AWFUL case of poison ivy. At the counselor staff hunt all the counselors and staff hide once it gets dark at night and then the campers with there flashlights walk around the camp trying to find you.. WELL I was never found.. I had the best hiding spot.. Me and the two girls above fooled them all.. we went right at the edge of the woods and wore all black and just laid down under the trees and grass out there.. RIGHT in poison Ivy... OUCH OUCH OUCH.. I itched for weeks.
This picture below is of Stacy, She is a friend of mine who went to camp with me while I was older.. she is the Aunt to T.D who goes to camp with My Princess now.
This shot is of my sister and Courtney. Courtney wasn't from our church but we meet her while in Jr High at camp and after that we always tried to plan when our group went to camp around when her group was going to camp. OH and like I mentioned before that when i was a Jr camper I couldn't ski.. but as a Sr High camper I figured it out. here are a few shots of that. Camp was not just all fun and games, since it was a church camp we had morning chapel and evening chapel and cabin devotions.. It was during these weeks at camp that really grew in my christian life and was drawn closer to God. I don't even know how to put into words how I grew and just how close my relationship was with God because of the preaching, teaching and studying of Gods Words during those weeks. Also there is just something about being around others who love the Lord that is just the greatest. The summer of 1992 I was one of those crazy staff members. It was the summer after my 1st year of college. Honestly the memories from that whole summer are my favorite memories from camp.. BUT we will save those stores for a time when we travel back to our favorite summer job or something. In the above shot I'm on the right at the top standing on the rail acting crazy. OH that was one fun summer.
Well thanks for time traveling with me this week.. even if I"m getting this post in much later then I normally do.


annie said...

Looks & sounds like fun KC, your camp looks a lot like mine, minus the water :o)...

oh amanda said...

I absolutley love this! Camp is my very favorite memory, too. I posted a camp post--but I wish I had all the pictures up like you! Thanks for sharing! I loved every bit of it!

- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

Wow! Look at those culottes!

Joyful Days said...

Your pictures remind me of mine. Of the camp I enjoyed! That was neat to see & hear all your good times.

sheryl said...

What great memories and fun pics! Thanks for sharing :)
And I'm with Practical Chick...love those culottes!

KC said...

you guys loves those culottes LOL.. OH back then I hated them. Not too many people wore them back then unless you were ummmmmmm a GRANDMA.. but my pastor was in the boat with the people who thought women/girls shouldn't wear pants.. My parents weren't and so I got to wear blue jeans and shorts(not short shorts but longer shorts) But I went to our church christian school and for need them for school outtings and for church outings.. PLUS all my friends were wearing them so It was cool amoung ourselfs.
NOW I really love the newer now of day sort of culottes the gouchoes or however you spell that and NOW they are the cool things to wear LOL.

kim said...

What great memories you have! I suppose if I had gone to your camp I might have been happier!! ;) I must say though, those cabins looked pretty rustic in your earlier pictures! Thanks for sharing--

Heather said...

I only went to camp one summer, but I am glad I at least was allowed to do that, it was really fun. Although it was 4-H camp and I was a little boy crazy that year (13) I just found those pictures yesterday and they are all of boys almost! Ugh. Glad I am over that stage in my life. hee, hee.
Great memories and pics. Thanks for Sharing! Did you guys hit the drive in the other night? I think we are gonna go tonight. We were too tired after the ball game the other night. Have a great day!

Renee's Ramblings said...

What wonderful camp memories! Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Irritable Mother said...

What great memories you have from camp! Isn't it fun to have friends to go with each year?
Hey, I was a counselor in 1992 also. (and in 1991!) I loved those memories, too.
I love how God works at summer camp!

maiylah's snippets said...

what a wonderful post!
we don't have camps here ... it's only something I watch about in tv. :)
your shots really are amazing ... specially the first ones (inside the wooden cabin). love how you chronicled it.

thank you for sharing. :)