Friday, July 13, 2007

Camping July 7 & 8,07

This past Saturday as we were sitting around without any plans(this was a 1st for this summer) and we were all saying back and forth to each other "what do you want to do today" "I don't know what do you want to do today" we came up with ideas such as going to a water park, driving 5 hours to Canada looking at the falls and then driving back, going to the zoo again.. ONLY every time we came up with an idea one of the kids would say, NAH I don't want to do that. Here we sat it was after 1pm and we were still asking each other what do you want to do today.. I was ready to scream..

Then DH said Lets go camping. We all liked that idea only we knew that the campground was pretty much sold out, we knew this because we wanted to camp the whole week of the 4th of July but all the good reserveable sites were gone along time ago. BUT DH wanted to give it a try.. so he loaded up the tent and all the camping stuff into his car and took Mr Man and Sweet Pea and headed out there and said he would call me if he could get a site and then I could bring the bedding stuff and cloths and bathroom stuff and meet him up there(oh also bring Princess and Little Man ) Well he got a spot.

We didn't get our camp set up until 4pm and then we just sat around relaxing. kids playing at the playground and riding there bikes. Then we went to the store to pick up some food and ice and changed our minds about cooking hot dogs for dinner and instead at at pizza hut. Then went back to the campground walked some hiking trails, kids played and rode bikes some more and then we made the campfire..

One of the funny things is the family camping right across from us was another family from our town that our kids know. There kids from sports and such with my kids, so the kids had friends to play with and hang out with.. so we had extra kids hanging out with us till about 11pm.. They had fun making Smores and doing sparklers

We got the kids to sleep between 11:30 and midnight and DH and I stayed up till closer to 2AM

The next morning we ate breakfast and took down the tent and everything and then spent about 4 hours at the beach(along with the other family and there kids) Here are some pictures from the beach. After the beach we went back to the campground and showered up(much rather have all that sand in there showers instead of mine) Then we headed home. DH took the girls in his car and left before me then me and the boys stopped for gas and headed home. When we got home DH and the girls were not there yet.. They made a little stop along the way and when they got home they had these with them.

Just what we needed.. UGH.. but they are cute and playful and the kids love them.. So let me introduces you to the kittens. Tiger(Kasey/Tinkerbell Sweet pea named it) and Candy. We were told Tiger Kasey Tinkerbell was a girl, but I'm 99.9% sure she is a HE.. so I think we will call him Tiger LOL.


Nell @ Casual Friday Every said...

You're making beautiful, priceless memories. You've given me the longing to take my family camping!

And, camping trip on a whim! That adds to the fun. Sounds like a fun family weekend to me.

Mama C said...

I hate those days when no one can decide what to least you got up and did. We usually debate and fight over it the next day.

Looks like so much fun.

annie said...

Cute pics! Looks like a fun time.

Marz said...

Beautiful pics!
We really have to go on a camping trip too but I'm just waiting for Emma to be a little bit bigger. Hopefully next year.
your trip looked like fun.

Midlife Mom said...

What BEAUTIFUL KITTENS! You will have such fun with them. When you get them together like that they are very close and play and sleep together. Mine are just such good buddies and groom each other all the time.

We have those days too that we can't decide what we want to do. :0)

Sonya said...

I'm a big fan of kitties and they had me at hello! LOL! Kids are very cute and the beach looks like much fun! I think it's cool that you sat around and decided at the last minute to go camping! Those are usually the times when many fun memories are made.

Melanie said...

Great pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time!