Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday (Dates gone wrong)

Today for our Time Travel Tuesday Annie our wonderful host of Time Travel Tuesday, has us going back in time to a date that gone wrong be it with our husband or before we were married.

This was a hard one for me to come up with, I never had a date go so wrong that it made the whole date awful for me. I have had plenty of dates that didn't go as I had planned or I had wanted them too, but nothing that just jumps out and says this was just the worst date in the whole world.

In all the years DH and I have been together our New Year year plans have always seem to be the ones that back fire on us. Starting with our very 1st new years eve 1989 which started out with him getting into a big fight with his dad and then got into it with his mom before he came to pick me up. While at the church party we were at his mom came in and pulled him out of it to talk with him and get things settled between her and him.. But DH was still in a pretty bad mood that whole night.. Then we got into a fight and things just went down hill from there.. a few days later we ended up breaking up for the 1st time(there was many break ups in our relationship LOL) over the events that happened that new years eve. Jump ahead a few more years It's new years eve 1991 Dh and I plan a dinner and then a party with a group of college kids from our church. Dinner was awful, the place normally had good food but this time everything was cold and undercooked.. Then at the party.. the girl we got in a fight about back in 1989 was there and flirting with DH which got me really moody and Dh and I ended up in another fight that night.. The next day we talked about it and LOL about it and made up our minds that it wasn't very wise for me and him to keep going to these new year eve parties LOL..
The next years we had a pretty good dates on new years eve dinner, movies bringing in the new years together.. Then 1993 I had planned the night for us. We were going to a nice steak dinner(steak is my favorite) then to a movie. Afterwards we were going on a moon lite walk and then getting in front of a TV set by midnight to watch the ball drop. ONLY.. he just didn't seem into the whole thing.. he didn't talk much at all during dinner, Then right before the movie started I asked him what was wrong and he said "not now we will talk after the movie" All though the movie I couldn't enjoy it because something was bugging him I had no clue what and it didn't sound good. Well after the movie we didn't take that nice romantic moon lite walk.. instead we had a talk, A talk where he tells me he just doesn't feel this is working anymore and he breaks up with me. See I told you new years were not good for us at ALL LOL
Well as you see about 2 months later we were back together and have been ever since That was our last break up fight. Thank Goodness because they were getting a little old.

We got married October 29, 1994 Which brings us to our next date gone wrong.. ONCE again it is New Years Eve. doesn't it figure. We had plans to go to dinner a movie and then get a hotel room to bring in the new years. I had to work in the morning but was getting off work by 3pm.. I wasn't feeling very good at all Around noon while at work I knew I was just as sick as could be, I was burning up and could hardly stand. I call and get an appointment with a doctor and left work early to find out I had strep throat. That New Years Eve was spent in our apartment me sleeping and DH playing video games(we had them back then LOL) and watching movies on TV.. He did wake me at midnight and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Moving right along the very next year.. We have New Years Eve plans of dinner and a movie and home to watch the ball drop. I was pregnant at the time with Princess. 8 1/2 months along and in case you didn't know this about me.. I don't do well while PG.. I get sick the whole 9 months with extreme morning sickness.
This day however I was having a good day, a good day for me means I only vomited like 5 or 6 times instead of 20 to 30 times. I get dress and we head out to dinner.. the food looked so good and I ate it all.. BIG mistake.. I wasn't even out of the restaurant when the morning sickness kicked in and I was running off to the bathroom.. I didn't want to mess up our new years eve.. after all this was the last one we would have before we became parents.. So off to the movies we headed.. ONLY I had to have DH pull the car over 3 times so I could puke at this time I knew there was no way I could do a movie. So back home we went for me to go to bed and him to watch TV.. I don't think I was awake at all to see the new year come in.

The next year I couldn't get a babysitter for Princess I would only use family and my parents and his parents had plans and my grandparents I knew wouldn't want to stay up that late. So we planned an afternoon outing.. we had a nice lunch out while my mom kept princess and then we rented movies ordered pizza and watched the ball drop at home that night.. This was the 1st new years eve that went as planned.
The next year went well also we took Princess to dinner with us and then we all went and saw The Little Mermaid at the theater(it was Princess 1st time to the movies) then came home and did the watching the ball drop thing.

BUT the next year was the date gone wrong that 1st popped into my mind when I thought about dates gone wrong. I made plans with my parents to keep Princess. I picked the restaurant we would be going to and planned a night in a hotel for DH and I. ONLY to have my parents cancel on us. My dads best friend from high school had called them and wanted to meet up with them that night and they hadn't seen them in sometime and wanted to go.. So all my plans went flying out the window. Then on the morning of Dec 31 my mom called me with sad news.. The friends son and his wife gave birth to there twins way to early and they were all in the hospital(sadly a few days later the twins didn't make it) But mom and dad were able to watch Princess for us if we still wanted to go out to dinner and a movie or something.. So we planned a dinner and found a movie we wanted to go see. My parents were just going to watch princess at our house for us.. My Parents made it to our house and we were about ready to walk out the door when Princess yelled "mommy" ran over to me and threw up all over me. she was burning up with fever also.. there was no way I was going to leave my baby girl while she was sick.. My mom kept telling me to go she could care for her.. but I wasn't going to do that.. So that new years eve my parents stayed over, we all watched the movies dad had rented for them to watch while they were babysitting and we ordered pizza. OH and we all cared for a very sick little girl.

We have had plenty of good dates and even a few on New years eve but we also had a ton more New Year Eve plans go wrong.. Like the year Princess was 5 and Mr Man was 1 years old and they woke up on New Years Eve with pink eye and DH and i had to change our plans again..
Guess this is all part of life and parenthood :)

So there you have it a few of the dates gone wrong from my past.
Thanks for Time Traveling with me today..
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annie said...

Wow K.C.! Lots of bad experiences on New years huh?

Nancy Face said...

OH MY GOODNESS! If I were you, I would have given up celebrating New Year's Eve a long, long time ago! LOL! We are boring...we stay home and watch a video, and we watch the ball drop on TV, then we bang on pie pans at midnight, then we go to sleep! It always works out, and it has never brought any fights, haha! Great stories! :D

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my! I think you'd better skip New Year's dates! lol! That was quite a story and I am exhausted! We don't do much other then go out for a very early dinner and are usually home by 8 o'clock asleep in our recliner chairs with the tv going! Pathetic isn't it? heehee!

Toknowhim said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.. It is kind of unbelievable about all the bad New Year's dates... Here is hoping that all of your upcoming New Year's are wonderful :)