Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday(our wedding day)

This week for Time Travel Tuesday we are going back in time to our Wedding day. For me this was almost 13 years ago. October 29, 1994
Living where I do you never really know what to expect for weather for the end of October you can go from sunny and in the 70's to blizzard weather. I got Lucky, I had a nice sunny and warm day for my wedding, which made for a few nice outside wedding pictures. (right now my computer isn't letting me load pictures into blogger again so I won't be able to show the photos of my wedding in this post, but I do have some of my wedding pictures on my blog already you can view them here in my wedding meme)
One thing you will learn about me if you haven't yet I don't get into all those bad luck, good luck things. So the day of my wedding before I headed out to get my hair done, I stopped by our reception hall where DH was helping get the finishing touches up for the reception.. I gave him a hug and a kiss and got yelled at my my grandma for seeing the groom before the wedding.. LOL. Then off I went to have my hair done, when I got back I ate lunch and it was time to head over to the church to get dress. After looking in the mirror for a bit I changed my mind about my Vail. I liked the way I looked better without it, so I didn't wear it, much to my other grandma's dismay. I tell ya my grandma's thought I was breaking all sorts of laws or something. :) I normally do what I want though so no amount of begging from my mom and grandma was getting me to change my mind about not wanting to wear my long Vail. It was covering the back of my dress darn it, and I had a pretty heart with beads cut out on the back of my dress and I wanted that to show.
Then I really broke all rules and did our posing and group wedding pictures before the wedding, you know seeing DH in my wedding dress before the wedding.. UGH.. LOL..
ONLY thing that backfired on that, is that is that I forgot to have someone light our candles and turn on the spot light that lite up the front of the church for the posed pictures so the real wedding pictures looked so much nicer then our posed ones.
This was before Ipods and MP3's so I was listening to a tape of Chaple of Love over and over and over and singing it out loud along with my bride maids just having a blast.
The wedding was wonderful. It sort of felt like I was in a fog though, sort of like I was there but there watching myself more then there doing it, if that makes any sense at all.
I sang DH a song called "Only God Could Love You More" and One of my best friends sung the song "Surly the Presences of the Lord is in this Place"
When the mother lite the single candles of the unity candle My MIL had a hard time getting hers to lite which was sort of funny. The mothers being ushered in and liting the candles was the start of the wedding and durning that time I had the song Do you Dream of Me playing. Later on in the wedding when DH and I did the unity candle I had I will be here playing.
When we kissed everyone in the places started to giggle and LOL a bit, I wasn't so sure why until after the wedding when DH told me he was lifting his foot like you see the girls do in those old movies.
After the wedding and we walk to the back of the church as husband and wife, instead of doing a reception line, DH and I played ushers. When we got to the back of the church I had the girls bustle up my dress and DH and I walked back to the front of the church and presented each of our mothers with a rose and gave our mom and dad hugs and dismissed there rows. After that I had them Play the Chaple of Love song along with some other fun songs as we went pew by pew saying hello and hugging and dismissing our guest. Once they got to the back instead of rice or bird seed everyone got a balloon, and when we were down dismissing the last person we all went out side and left 200 plus balloons go flying off into the sky.
After that we all headed over to the reception hall, for dinner, dancing and cake and lots and lots of desert. Afterwards DH and I went back to spend the night in our 1st home. He had been living there for a week before we got married but this was the 1st time I stayed in our apartment. The next morning we left for our honeymoon.

There are more fun facts from our wedding in the post I linked to earlier. If you missed that link here it is again.

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annie said...

You were such a beautiful bride K.C.
thanks for sharing your memories!

Anonymous said...

Great memories. It's fun to go back isn't it? :)

Barbara H. said...

I see a lot of couple doing that now. dismissing the rows. I think that is so much better than a reception line!

Your dress is just lovely! I love the heart cut-out.

Oldqueen44 said...

Very beautiful.

Nancy Brown said...

Love the ballone idea. We had bubbles!! What a great wedding!

Joyful Days said...

Wonderful memories--I loved the meme!! You two are a hoot!! The leg lifting was funny.


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea to be the ushers! I just had to laugh at your grandmothers. Mine was mortified because my cousin's son didn't have shoes on in the pictures. He was about six months old! :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Your were a beautiful bride! I love your dress. Thanks for sharing your story :)

Haley said...

Your wedding photo is lovely! Thank you for the wonderful compliment!


Irritable Mother said...

I love the part when your DH lifted his foot as you kissed. I'm guessing he's quite a character, huh?
Thanks for sharing your wedding memories!

Marz said...

beautiful post & Oh My! beautiful pics! I absolutely love the cake!!! it didn't look so big till the pic of you guys standing next to it.
So glad you had such a memorable day.

Renee's Ramblings said...

What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing.

Fifi said...

I was married just 2 weeks before you in 1994! Must have been a good year hey?!?!?

Jake & Jenn said...

I broke the rules with pics before the ceremony too but it was alot nicer! Have a great weekend!