Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Family Table.

Lori over at Glass half full is hosting a little meme of sorts called the Family Table. She wants to see where we feed our family, or where our family eats.

In my house this varies. When Princess and Mr Man was younger(reads before sports and other activities) We ate at the table for dinner every night. Not always as a whole family because of the hours my DH was working. It wasn't that he was working long hours and was away from the family, but he worked the midnight shift and would get home at 8:30am.. If he went to bed after getting home he would wake up in time for dinner, but he didn't always go right to bed. Alot of days he would stay up and do stuff with me and the kids and not go to bed until 2 or 3pm and then he would be sleeping though dinner so it was just me and the kids.

Eating as a family around the table isn't a great priority to me, as long as we are still spending time as a family and sharing with each other what is going on in our day and such. Now that the kids are older and we are on the go it is hard to get everyone home to eat dinner at the same time. So if all 6 of us or even 5 of us are home we will sit down around the table for dinner.. But if you have read my blog you know we aren't always home for dinner.. IF I can't get at least 5 of us eating at the same time I don't "make" everyone sit down at the table for dinner.. I might feed the kids dinner early while I'm getting dress for there game(because tying little man down in his high chair and giving him food is a great way for me to get a moment to do my make up and hair without him getting into things he shouldn't) and Then I wake DH up with just enough time for him to get dress and then we head off for who ever has a game that night, Then DH and I will eat when we get back home. This week one or two of the kids had a game every single night. So We won't be sitting down as a family for dinner until Saturday and Sunday.

For Breakfast I normally let the kids eat in the living room watching morning cartoons.. We have the perfect couch for eating on, the middle seat folds down into a table LOL.. For lunch it just depends today we ate lunch out in the yard so the kids didn't have to come in from playing. For dinner it just depends what is going on and who is eating when.. Some days we all eat together around the table some days we are holding hot dogs in our hands eating them as we head out the door and finishing them in the van on the way to where we are headed.

When we do sit down around our table(there is alot of times we sit down around other tables such as eating out or a picnic table at the campground or ball park) here is the table we sit around.It's always nice to sit down as a family and have a meal.. BUT I don't think the table is the only place for a family to bond and stay close.. As long as the family spends time together and are sharing and talking and are part of each other life. I don't think you will have any problem at all.

Guess I should also add in this post.. I was raised eating around the family table every night(unless we had a sport activity or church thing that had us eating at different times) My DH on the other hand ONLY ate at a table for Thanksgiving. To this day his family and parents gets there food and eat in the living room.. unless it is Thanksgiving dinner Then they sit around the table as a family.. There kitchen and dinning room table is more for decoration then to eat off of. Because of this DH doesn't see why I think it is important for us all to sit down and eat together all the time.. but he will do it most of the time because I ask him too.


Glass Half Full said...

I couldn't agree more! There are many ways to spend quality time together outside of eating dinner together. Everyone was brought up with different traditions that affect who we are.

And may I also add I love how you angled the table. SO NICE!!

Thanks for participating.


Deidre said...

You're right. Everyone is different and there are all sorts of ways to spend time together. I remember eating my cereal in front of the TV every morning. Great memories.

Anonymous said...

You are so right. There are many ways to have special time as a family. You do have a nice, big eating area! I am sure you appreciate that when you gather the whole gang in there!

Fifi said...

I did this post as well! I must admit I feel quite liberated after reading your post!!! I agree with you that it's about being together! the venue is of less value! I often feel bad that we do not sit around the dining room table enough, but when I think of it, we will picnic in the garden,eat on the patio or even eat lying altogether on mattresses watching movies!
We all seem to enjoy it this way!
Thanks for the great read!

MorningSong said...

You definitely have room to grow in that dining area! You make great points about being together!! I enjoyed my visit to your dining room table!

Elizabeth F. said...

First of all, that's my favorite song! :-)

That's sweet that your hubby will eat at the table because you feel it's important. I can't imagine eating in the living room. Do you know what my LR would look like if I let my kdis in there with food? he..he..

Come see my Famiy Table too!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I agree- as long as we're together and surrounded with each other, I'm happy. Could be outside on the grass, in the car, wherever!!! Great post!


Totallyscrappy said...

I love your huge eating space!
Keep enjoying your family togetherness, whether it be at the dinner table or in the tent!
Come see my family table. :)