Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday(6/19/07)

This week for Time Travel Tuesday,Annie @ http://mylifeasannie.blogspot.com wants us to revisit our 1st or most memorable cooking experiences..
Now you all might want to sit down so you don't fall over.. BUT I don't enjoy cooking. I do it because my family needs to eat, I sometimes find it fun to cook, but only if I'm in the mood. I have started to enjoy it just a tad bit more since joining in on the menu plan Monday, but I'm not one of those ladies who think cooking is exciting or fun. Due to this I don't have anything jumping out at me as a most memorable cooking experience.
When I started typing this post I couldn't think what my first cooking experience was, I was thinking back to high school cooking classes, or my 1st meal I cooked for DH but I don't recall those all that much.
I do remember spending the night at my Grandma's house(my dad's mom) and standing on a chair next to her stove and Grandma letting me(helping me) cook my french toast for breakfast in the morning.. and that brings back the memory of spending the night at grandmas and before bedtime her making me some cinnamon toast.. YUMMY..
I also remember one summer when I was a young.. 5 or 6 grade I think and mom letting me make the mac n cheese for lunch.. My house in the summer there was always a ton of people over neighbor kids, my mom's friends with all there kids and it was like one big pool party all summer long. This one time I'm thinking about mom friend and her kids were there along with the neighbor kids and we were fixing lunch for everyone, mom was grilling hot dogs and I was doing the mac and cheese ONLY I forgot to add the milk to it.. Mom's friends kept saying.. I think you need to add some milk also.. and I remember telling her she must use a different kind of box mac and cheese then we do, because I know how to make it and It doesn't need milk. SNORT.. we ended up adding milk.
I'm not much better at cooking now ;P
There is a ongoing joke in my house about me burning everything I cook.. which isn't too far from the truth. LOL. Though since I have a different stove now I don't seem to burn things as often. :)

So there you have my short little time travel for this Tuesday.


annie said...

I saw some perfect pics for you when I was looking last night to do my post. So funny. My mom always says (when something is cooking) "when it's smoking it's cooking, when it's black it's done." She btw is an EXCELLENT cook... but dad will call out, is it black yet?
I'm going to add that brownie recipe in a little bit to my post. I should have thought of that...
My Life as Annie!

Barbara H. said...

I really don't enjoy cooking either, but it's part of my job description. :) I have great memories of spending the night with my grandmother, too, though I don't remember cooking together. Funny about the mac and cheese. :)

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the comedian joking about the smoke detector not being a food timer.

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- PRACTiCAL CHiCK said...

We must have the same family...imagine that - a family that thinks they need to eat on a regular basis. LOL

CoachJ said...

The more blogs I visit, the better the stories get!! Cooking does not rank in my top 10 either, but baking desserts do--that could be why I'm a lit-tle overweight :) But, like you, I do what must be done!!

Sheryl said...

The reads today have been hilarious!
Thanks for sharing your memories!

Lu said...

My stove burns everything! Too funny!

Joyful Days said...

I had an oven that was hit and miss on the temp. A new one has made a world of difference!!

Great mac & cheese.

Lorie said...

Cute! These have all been so fun to read!

Renee's Ramblings said...

I liked the Mac N Cheese story. My son did the same thing when he made his first mac n cheese. Have a great week.